21st Mar 2004, 12:22

I bought my wife the car she wanted so bad and have regretted it ever since. A 1999 VW Beetle GLS.

The second day of owning this car the main crankshaft seal blew. VW fixed. Windows fell into door and would not work three times. VW fixed. AC cooling fan stopped working causing Compressor to fry six months later. VW would not fix. Battery died only 2 years old. Lost codes and went in limb home mode. VW not fix. AC fan switch not working. No fix. Electrical hazards stay on. NO fix. This is by far the worst excuse for a car that I have ever witnessed. I will never purchase a VW product again.

24th Oct 2007, 15:27

I borrowed my dad's 1999 Beetle after I sold my 1997 Honda Civic EX while my new 2008 Honda Civic Ex is being made. Nothing but trouble there. The ABS light and the check engine light came on right away. The dealer said the ABS speed sensor is bad and the rear O2 sensor is bad. The window mechanism would not roll up or down. They supposedly fixed it under warranty in 2004, but it did it again and this time cost me, since the warranty only is covered for 7 years. The window got scratched by the gears and it wrecked the weather strip when it got stuck. The door lock switch also conveniently went bad when they opened up the door panel.

I also had a hard time changing the oil in this thing. There are 2 hard hoses (I think a/c) and a radiator hose right under the filter. It was nearly impossible to get it off. And when I did, it dripped oil all over those hoses making a mess when the new filter was installed. A major pain to deal with. Also, the seat is not very comfortable and is very hard on the back of my hamstrings.

I would not buy a Volkswagen Bug or a Volkswagen for that matter. I will continue to stick with Honda.

29th Aug 2010, 15:38

I had nothing but trouble with my Cyber Green Beetle.

Air conditioning unit went after a couple of years; not covered under warranty. Fair wear and tear they said. I think not... in England.

Window switches kept failing, rear boot catch could only be opened on the key.

VW signs faded really quickly, alloy wheels only looked good for a month and then started peeling.

Worst of all, the car faded really badly and the roof started rusting. VW only agreed to put it right after a court case, and then the roof was sprayed, making the car look worse because it was a different colour (another one!) from the rest of the car. Garage was really pleased with itself, because it said the roof was now the same colour as the interior, unfortunately that was the only part of the car it matched! VW at no time admitted to there being a problem with Cyber Green paintwork.

On top of that, the VW main dealer smashed the car up on one side and then refused to admit liability. Interestingly, every Cyber Green Beetle I have checked has been rusting in the same place, the gutters on the roof. If you own one, check it now, but VW will do nothing about it.

I now own a Toyota, Great, at least they admit their problems and do something about them.