6th Nov 2004, 18:08

Just curious if anyone else has experienced the above mentioned oil consumption problem with the new Beetles? I have and Volkswagen told me they could not find anything wrong with it. I have to fill my oil every 3-4 weeks. It loves to drink oil like crazy! There is absolutely no signs of any leak. It just consumes oil as fast as I can put it in. No other problems though. I really love my car, I just hate how much oil it likes.

11th Nov 2004, 15:39

Hello we own a 98 Beetle and have had repeated problems with both headlights, I thought the bulbs were burning out, but after disassembling the headlight pod I found it to be a connection problem, I tried electric grease, I filed all component's to make sure there was a good clean connection, the lights would work for a few days and be out again, finally I cut off the factory connector and crimped on 2 separate connectors, I believe it's a heat issue, the halogen bulbs seem to get very hot, I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping the both stay lit and I pray I don't ever have the oil consumption issue!

4th Feb 2005, 13:50

I have the headlight problem on my 98 beetle and I love my car, but this is just driving me insane... i cry regularly about it... please keep me posted about your success or lack thereof... I may need to do this as well. Thanks!

Oh and I do also have the oil consumption problem....and no A/C. Owning my car is a bit like having a love affair with a felon...all heartbreak.


25th Mar 2005, 12:36

I made the original comments on this - finally gave up and traded it in for a Dodge Neon - best decision I ever made.

Moved out of state, and the dealerships out here wouldn't even fix the problems no charge even though it's under warranty - because the bulbs had been replaced before, they made me pay to replace the burned out bulb (3 months after I had it replaced in Ohio), That weekend I went car shopping, traded the lemon in and have a fabulous lil neon - no problems with it.

Still miss the look of the bug, and loved the way it handled, when it drove, but can't deal with all the problems.

Started to get real nervous when they said no replacements were free that had already been replaced by another dealership - what if I lost another tranny??? Yikes!!

No more bugs for me. : (

8th Feb 2006, 08:28

I have a 2001 VW Beetle and have also had a lot of problems with it. I have replaced both headlights. Of course, this had to be done at the dealership. That was $50 for each visit.

The second time I took it in for an oil change, the dealer told me there wasn't a drop of oil on the dipstick! No warning lights nothing. Before the next oil change I thought I would check the oil myself. Well, not a drop of oil on the dipstick, again! I change oil now every 3,000 miles and always have to add oil between changes.

My car as of today 2/7/06 only has 29 K miles on it. I am taking it this week to have the instrument cluster replaced. My gas gauge, speedometer, amp meter went out in December. That part is $430. To tell me it was bad - $41. And, I am sure there will be a service fee of at least another $100.

Sometimes when I first put it in gear, it doesn't respond. I know the transmission will be the next problem on this lemon. Stay away from the bug.

I plan to get rid of this car as soon as possible after this last episode.

14th Feb 2006, 06:02

I posted the article on 2/8/06 about the instrument cluster going out. Well, I have something more to add. While waiting for the part to arrive, another headlight went out! Yep. That's three headlight replacements. I also read through some of the other comments and realized my Beetle has a few of the other "minor" defects: the coating is coming off the door handle, the latch broke on the center arm compartment, and the latch on the gas lid also broke.

14th Feb 2006, 09:59

I work in a small UK based call centre, we book in, telephonically or On-Line; motor cars for scheduled servicing, warranty work, maintenance & re-calls etc. As the "Volks Wagen" is a motor brand, the company I work for represents, one issue comes up, over & over again. Modern VW engines (Polos, Lupos, Passats, Golfs, Sharans, Bora/Jettas and Beetles) in the U.K, are run using "Fully Synthetic, long drain oils" as opposed to the older "Semi Synthetic or Mineral engine oils" Service schedules are calculated as follows: Petrol engines = 2o k. miles or 2 years / Diesel engines = 30 k. miles or 2 years or until the dashboard, 'engine service due' light comes on. This is known as "Variable Servicing" The more stop / start driving, or city driving a VW owner does, the quicker the scheduled services will fall due.

Every 1st service booking, with out fail, customers will comment "Uses oil / requires frequent oil top ups / low oil- engine warning light comes on intermittently etc"

We advise the following: Due to the smaller molocule, of modern synthetic oils, some oil will find it's way into the engine's combustion chamber and burn off. This oil consumption "issue" is especially noticeable in brand new VW's regardless of model or engine type. And tends to settle into a 'liter' of oil, used between services. As modern engines, generally don't require "running in" as was the case, with older cars, we advise our customers, the topping up with oil, on modern VWs, between scheduled services, with as much as a liter of fully 'Synthetic Oil', is not regarded as being unusual? In fact, every VW we get into our work shops, for servicing, has a complimentary pack of top up oil, put in the car's boot (luggage trunk) for emergencies. Most high oil burning VWs we book in, will go back to their owners as "NFF" -No Fault Found?

I guess it's a case of "A characteristic found in modern VWs?"

Whether modern motor cars, are more reliable, or safer, or fuel efficient, is I guess highly debatable? In the case of VW - all models seem to have more than their fair share of electrical gremlins, brake pad & brake disc replacement, rain water leaks and of course, high engine oil consumption.

Who really knows what the correct answer is? As modern Automobile Companies seem to keep on growing, ever larger, and loosing touch with their customer's concerns. "NFF" or "characteristic of vehicle", seem to be the stock answers to most issues?

Sometimes VERY frustrating for us, the service personnel and of course our customers.

6th Dec 2006, 11:55

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Car! I just bought a 2001 New Beetle GL in July. It is now December and it has been in the shop more times than I can even count. This car has been a NIGHTMARE!!! I will never ever buy another Volkswagen and I would advise people to stay away from them. We have had every problem you could think of from the water pump going out to the transmission slipping. It is currently being worked on as we speak and we have been without a car now for 4 weeks. We are definitely getting rid of it and are currently in the process of looking for something else. It is an adorable car, but underneath all of that it is a true monster. We would hate for anyone to have to go through the same problems we have been through. VW buyers beware!