20th Jan 2005, 12:50

I think I may have a wunderbug I had a square back and well it went up in flames... anyway my dad found a 1973 beetle said it had a 40 ford deluxe hood on it I bought it for 750 but the hood is cracked and I need to find another if any one has info on how I can get another that would be great.

24th Jan 2005, 07:36

Does anyone know if the kits for the VWs are still available? I have a bug that I would like to convert to the 37 Ford front end, but have been unable to locate the company that originally made them. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

25th Jan 2005, 14:41

I know of a company that sells these hoods. I think they may have bought out Wunderbug. Try www.bgwspectre.com. I have had luck there finding my 1940 Ford deluxe hood. Good luck to you.

17th Feb 2005, 23:14

I just acquired a 71 VW with a Wunderbug kit from Leifring Industries last week, primer gray, but I looking forward to the restoration process. I'll keep you posted.

29th Mar 2005, 16:17

I saw a Wunderbug at a local used car lot. It had the Rolls Royce front. I thought it was adorable and would have loved to own it, but it was sold before I saved up enough money. What years/makes were they made for? I am also interested in buying one if anyone has one for sale. Preferably in black.

10th Apr 2005, 09:30

The Rolls Royce nose was not a "Wunderbug". The Wunderbug was the '37 Ford nose manufactured by Liefring Industries. These were made to fit standard (not Super) Beetles.

There were Rolls Royce kits and 40 Ford kits made by other manufacturers. Some were made to fit Super Beetles.

If you are looking for a daily driver and live in a warm climate, either the Standard Beetle or Super beetle will do.

If you live in a colder climate, I suggest you look for a later model Super Beetle. As they were equipped with heater fans and distributed warm air through the cabin more efficiently than the Beetles that relied on engine speed to distribute heat.

If you are looking for a car as a weekend good weather vehicle, you can't beat an older vintage Beetle or even a

Beetle Convertible.

Even more hard to find and very collectible is the Karmann Ghia, especially the convertible.

Perhaps someday... I'll own one.

5th Nov 2006, 18:44

My father designed and built the Wunderbug front end kits for VW beetles. There were 2 versions the 37 kit for beetles, and a 40 Ford kit for super beetles. the super beetle kit replaced the hood only. the 37 had side panels that bolted on under the fenders. Our kits were fiberglass with an extruded aluminum grille. We were able to defend the copy rite on the 37 kit and stopped several companies from making fakes, but the 40 kit was copied by a company that used vacuum formed ABS and got around the copy rite. We never made any of the Rolls Royce kits. When VW no longer imported beetles to the USA market sales dropped off and we sold the tooling to a company in Washington state that I think makes bicycle accessories now.

Al Lieffring.

3rd Dec 2006, 12:04


It great to hear the details from someone who knows.

I am the original reviewer & I enjoyed my "Wunderbug" for 10 years. The kit was a high quality product!

29th Dec 2006, 17:52

Folks. I Love reading these comments and postings. as I have worked on VW's, for years, I have used the little Beetle just about for everything except an Airplane, and I even toyed with that idea. I was never into the restoring mode, but there is not too much that I have not done with or to a VW Beetle. This was no doubt one of the finest cars ever produced. I still have a beetle in which I make most of the parts to keep her going, as long as there are parts, I will own one. These are truly a wonderment to me. I no any idea why this little car is not made to this day, as for a family just starting out, and a person with very little mechanical skills, this was the best. My first was a Brand New when I got out of the Army in 64. I left Virgina, and drove all the way to Texas with my friend, for 13.11 cents. This thing was just too much fun, now here I am 63 and I still Love these cars. I keep my tools in this car and a fuel pump, points and a coil, and I will take off anyplace. While most people are whizzing along with no reason or rhyme, I am having the time of my life. Thanks again folks for a REAL trip down memory lane. Take care of yourselves and God Bless You. Sam Snyder.

5th Jun 2007, 01:39

Hi there,

i am Moody frm Pakistan. I have a beautiful bug of 1968. I have gonethrough all aspects by all means to make my bug as compfortable as any other car. 15'inchs alloyrims with low profile in fron rims and high profile in the rear rims. I recently installed air conditioner which working pretty fine in 45 centigrade temperature in pakistan on average. four years back I installed CNG which is doing still very fine. I can work on anytime anywhere on this car with the complete tool kit that I have in my car. I have travelled in snow, in sizzling summers, on mountains, onplains, in the nights for nonstop 200 kilometers.

Thank you.

25th Aug 2008, 15:00

There is still a company that is making this kit. They are BGW. Phone #715-545-2132. Web site bgwspectre.com.

I have ordered one. If anyone has photos of theirs, please send me some fordonfire@yahoo.com.



13th Feb 2009, 03:14

Good question! I have wondered this myself a number of times and have even gone so far as to e-mail VW and ask. My reply (from Wanda of Volktalk) was that a reintroduction of the classic VW Beetle did not fit VWs current "marketing objectives". I e-mailed her again about how in this day and age of rising fuel/repair costs that a Beetle would be the perfect car for a young family/single person. She replied that my e-mail would be forwarded to the "appropriate staff"...I have not heard from VW since. I have a feeling the "staff" was her garbage can.

Anyways, my first car was a 1966 Beetle and I loved it dearly. The perfect car for a young guy (or girl) to get their automotive feet wet. It wasn't that great for make-out sessions but it didn't matter as I was much more motivated and limber as teens are prone to be. I moved on to a 1968 but then a family happened. (Those make out sessions can be tricky!) Suddenly, replacing the solenoid in the middle of nowhere wasn't so much of an adventure. Let's hope VW comes to their senses and puts the Beetle back on the road!

16th Feb 2009, 10:45

The "New Beetle" is really NOTHING like the VW 111 Sedan (or the "Classic Beetle" as you refer to it) - Other than the rounded shape (not very much like the original), and the VW name of course.

I owned 3 air-cooled Beetles over the years - very fun to drive - and will always think of them fondly.

I'd love to be able to buy a new one today, but they wouldn't be very practical or meet my transportation needs now, and I'd probably never be able to fit a child seat in the back!

Volkswagen has probably come to the same conclusion, given the emission and safety standards the the original Beetle just wouldn't be able to meet. Not to mention their lack of power when compared to today's small cars.

Still - I love to see them on sale again!

Imagine a solid, reliable car that in its heyday sold for under $2,000!

10th Feb 2010, 23:33

Bought my '70 Bug for $100 12 years ago. Drive it round trip from Arizona to Wisconsin every year (tent camping all the way). Have replaced the engine, a flywheel, clutch plate, shift linkage at various times (the flywheel was changed in a campground in Western Washington... in a day).

Unbelievably easy to work on.

Gonna use it for a casket when I die.

17th Apr 2010, 13:56

Wunderbug, I found one in Arizona 1 1/2 ago and have been restoring it since. Has new paint new upholstery lots of new stuff done to it. Great car, great driver, good on mileage. Anyone interested email me at kin2papi@hotmail.com for pictures. I might sell it or trade for Karmann Ghia. Cheers. It's a head turner.

8th Mar 2012, 11:57

I see this article is 7 years old. I have a good running (rough body) '94 Geo 2dr (40+ mpg). Wondering if any Wunder parts would be close enough to adapt, ie Ford, RR nose, Woody sides. Would like to keep passenger compartment and running gear stock. CaptJo86@aol.com thanks.