1970 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 1.3L standard benzine from Israel


Its works, but nothing more


Engine blew up, put it back together, and it worked fine.

General Comments:

Very uncomfortable, slow, hard to drive, has the turning radius of a small bus, but cheap. dirt cheap. its made of solid metal and simply doesn't die. if you are under 5'11", you can sit reasonably.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2007

1970 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


These are the best cars ever built


Ever since I had the car little things have always been going wrong with the car. I've had to replace starters, carburators, and numerous wiring. all and all I love the car and would not trade it for the world. these were the best cars ever built.

General Comments:

This car is incredibly slow.

It is very cold in the winter.

It is very hot in the summer.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2006

9th Mar 2006, 20:48

Reading your brief review, which is nothing, but a summary of problems, I don't see a single thing that points to this being the best car ever built. Ever since you've owned it, you've been constantly replacing starters, carburetors, wiring harnesses; the heater doesn't work, and it is pathetically slow. Yeah, it really sounds great.

2nd May 2006, 13:37

I believe that this is a great car and that as a car or a machine, something goes wrong when the handler does something wrong.

Cars often times produce faulty parts due to continuous or wrongful usage.

It is a matter of how one person takes care of it and if one person knows how, one wouldn't have much issue!

3rd May 2006, 14:51

Best car of all time? No. Simplest design of all time? Yes. Which makes them very durable.

1970 Volkswagen Beetle Wunderbug 4 cylinder from North America


Why did they stop making these?


Rear engine seal leaked.

Carburetor needed to be replaced.

Ignition switch needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

My 1970 Beetle was a "Wunderbug" by Leifring Industries. This was a standard Beetle that had a replica of a 1937 Ford nose grafted on.

I believe a previous owner installed the kit rather than repair a dent in one of the quarter panels. (The fiberglass panels covered the dented sheet metal).

I am unsure of the exact mileage of the vehicle. The odometer read 51,000 miles, but I didn't know if it had been around once or twice. So it could have been 151K or 251K. The engine, I was told came from a 1972 Super Beetle. Reportedly it had 60,000 miles on it.

The Wunderbug was a fun project car. Over the ten years that I owned it, it seems I replaced virtually everything on the vehicle.

Even the interior was completely done over.

Once you looked past the nose job, it was quite a nice looking vehicle. Actually with the '37 Ford nose, it kind of looked like a PT Cruiser's grandfather!

I drove the VW year round. Even during New England winters. The heater was mediocre at best, the defroster virtually non-existent.

The rear main seal developed a serious leak, and over the past few years I owned the car I had to carry a quart of two of oil on board. At times oil dripped down like it was coming from a faucet that needed a washer.

My Beetle at times ran like a new car, other times it refused to hold idle in damp or rainy weather. It was a typical older Beetle; temperamental, but filled with charm and personality.

I knew the vehicle well enough to drive it anywhere, even on interstate trips.

I kept a well stocked toolbox, complete with any parts that I might need in the vehicle at all times.

Many evenings far from home where interrupted while I replaced that part, re-set the timing, rewired this or adjusted that. However I knew the Beetle would never leave me stranded, and it never did.

It was slow. It was loud. It was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The cockpit seemed to almost always be filled with the faint smell of gasoline.

Your nose almost touched the windshield and your fingers hit the dash as you drove. Instead of an airbag, you had a ten-gallon gas tank mounted in front of you in the trunk.

It drew a crowd wherever I parked.

Motorists followed me for miles to ask if I would consider selling it.

Everyone had a story about their old Beetle, and lamented selling it, asking "Why did they stop making these anyway?"

Driving the Beetle always brought me back to a simpler time. The wonderful sounds took me back to my teenage years when I owned my first Beetle (a 1967 model).

The Volkswagen Beetle - It was basic transportation with the emphasis on basic. It was a personal amusement park ride. It was easy to work on, and cheap to fix. It was a time machine. It was arguably the most significant vehicle of the 20th century.

Why DID they stop making these?

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Review Date: 26th November, 2004

29th Nov 2004, 11:18

This review is as entertaining as an Andy Rooney commentary, and reads like a Saturday Evening Post article. Thanks for the fun look back at a true classic-The VW Beetle!

3rd Dec 2004, 07:51

Didn't they have a Rolls Royce and a '40 Ford nose as well as the '37 Ford nose for Beetles?

Either of the Ford noses looked pretty good on the Beetle, especially since it was a '30's design to begin with.