10th Feb 2008, 12:57

I agree. Learn how to replace the bulb yourself and do it for the price of the bulb. I did it for a lady on the side of the road in less than 5 minutes. The first time was the hardest, but then it was easy. Just keep on on hand in the car. The dealer used to charge my father-in-law $400.00 to do it and keep it over night. When I went back to the dealer and showed him that I could do it he said they have to check the electrical system each time, that's why its $400.00. Right!

11th Oct 2008, 11:31

I own a 98 Beetle. I got it at 65000 and now it's got 145,000.

Problems I have had are:

Window wire mechanism made of plastic. Both sides broke and it's very hard to fix. There was a recall but mine was out of warranty. I did fix it myself but it is out of the hands of most. Dealer wanted $500!

Reverse lights never worked.

Handbrake switch that turns on front lights broke. Never worked. Dealer fix is very expensive.

Water cooling system is mostly plastic parts including the WATER PUMP propeller! They all broke or disintegrated and had to be replaced. VERY EXPENSIVE even though I did it myself.

Antenna stopped the radio working and then the radio buttons broke. You cannot replace the radio without the dealer help and you cannot even remove the radio without the right keys. Dealer not at all helpful and wanted to charge $50 to remove the radio.

DO NOT lock yourself out of this car. It's a nightmare to get it open. The good news is its near impossible to steal!

Other than that the car is a fun car to drive. It drinks oil and is not economic at all. I used a lot of gas in this car. Long trips are very uncomfortable.

I would never buy another VW. I have a Volvo that makes this look like a junker.