2000 Volkswagen Cabrio GL from North America


I'd rather stick a pin in my eye than own another Volkswagen!


Over the course of my 39 month lease term:

2 factory tire blowouts.

Engine light on 4 times. Usually each time it was for some faulty sensor.

Windows never functioned properly, even after replacing the motor in the driver side. Both driver and passenger windows would not close on a daily basis. This is most fun during a thunderstorm.

Alarm stopped working within the first few months. 1 1/2 years later and 4 trips to the dealer, it was finally replaced.

Faulty door latch. 9 months after I got the car, the door swung open while I was driving. Thankfully I was in a parking lot.

Poor idle. The car would race into the red. Dealer never found problem.

Faulty gas cap. For this I failed my first trip to inspection. The dealer wouldn't replace the cap. I had to purchase a new one and return to re inspection.

Rubber around door handles wore off.

Center console lights were disastrous. Some stopped working, some blinked.

Emergency brake cable snapped. Private Volkswagen mechanic told me he typically does not see that happen until the car is over 10 years old.

General Comments:

Never judge a book by its cover! Although this car is adorable it is not worth the pain. I spent over 15 hours sitting in the dealership waiting area.

Countless times the car spent the day. When I would get a ride to go pick up the car, most times the problem still occurred.

My trade in had over 100,000. I had bought that car used, and it only required normal maintenance.

Sadly, my first brand new vehicle.

The GL stands for good luck!

Volkswagen Credit, as well as the customer service center, will only say they are sorry. I will never own a Volkswagen again. I wouldn't even tempt fate and purchase an Audi, since they are made by the same company.

In the end, thankfully I leased! If you are its current owner, my condolences.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

26th Aug 2008, 22:35

I have a 2001 Cabrio GLX, and it idles poorly, some sensor is always acting up, and now it randomly stalls itself just to choke my chain.

This is officially the last time I will ever look or own a Volkswagen. I have had nothing but problems, and it would be my greatest joy to find the SOB who put it together, and run over him until the car either gets better or craps out completely.

2000 Volkswagen Cabrio GLS from North America


Big mistake that will not happen again!


Both motors for power windows (driver and passenger) died one month after end of warranty. total cost over $1800 getting replaced.

Other dealer trips... all happened 2-12 months after warranty ended

Heated driver seat, would not turn off, fun in the summer!

Radio theft protection went off and code did not work.

Engine light constantly going off. O2 sensor replaced. Light went off on way home from dealer. Now light goes on for a few days sometimes week at a time. Dealer told me not to worry about it.

Rubber around doorhandles worn off within 6 months, looks horrible.

Plastic around door locks falling off within 6 months.

General Comments:

For the price paid, you think the dealership or volkswagen would take a little more pride in their cars. It is totally not worth it. I would not reccommend this car to anyone unless you have money to waste, it will be in the shop for electrical problems within 2 years. The engine light problem is frustrating. Trading it in or selling it is all the tougher when the light is always coming on, and the dealer cannot resolve it. From the service men I spoke to at two different dealers, electrical problems are so common for these cars that it is a joke. I was told it would be better off ignoring it than wasting my money.

Had a Toyota Celica for 10 years before this and never had a problem except usual maintenance. Can't believe the price I paid, the service I got and the poor workmanship of this car.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003

29th May 2004, 07:34

My 02 Cabrio GLS had a check engine light being intermittent too. What I noticed was the mileage going downhill when it would come on. It turned out to be the evaporative cannister. The VW mechanics in Tuscaloosa Alabama said it is common on the model and had it replaced with no problem. If your miles aren't too high, it is an emissions warranty replacement.

23rd Jul 2005, 11:52

I have a hard time beleive 1800 to replace power windows... there is simply no way. And if you did pay that much, shame on you for being that foolish.

16th Aug 2005, 00:08

Power windows really are crazy expensive to replace -- my dealer quoted me $750 for one window... ugh!!