1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet GTi from North America


Lulabell the cabriolet is a lifesaver!


Replaced the radiator at 199000km.

Replaced the alternator at 200000km.

General Comments:

I honestly owe this car my life, she was the best car ever. She ran extremely well, never let me down, and was always a cheap fix.

Extremely good on gas! And great in the winter, and even better in the summer with the top down! Everyone is always envious of anyone with a convertible in the summer, especially when it's as cute as this one!!

Unfortunately she lived a short life and ended her life in an accident, but saved mine miraculously; a very, very, VERY safe car. I recommend this car to anyone who likes to have fun in life and appreciates a good car!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2012

11th Aug 2012, 09:17

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but a motor vehicle is not a human being, they do not have genders, and 26 years for a car is actually quite a good run, not a short life.

Now a question you might be able to answer for me, as I've been wondering this for a long time. Why do some folks give their cars human names?

29th Apr 2014, 21:32

To the first commenter:

I am assuming you have possibly either driven dull vehicles or go through cars quickly. Many but not all people name their cars to establish a personal connection with it, because some cars have a personality, if you will. Sure, modern cars are typically soulless machines, but of the many cars I have owned, most have had names. But to each his own.

12th Dec 2016, 04:50

Modern cars are fundamentally no different than older cars. If you feel that connection to certain era instead of another, it's because of the subjective biases that you hold. It says nothing about others' ability to connect with the cars from different periods.

12th Dec 2016, 15:09

So you are saying that the 1917 Ford Model T is "fundamentally no different" than, say, a 2017 Corvette?

Well, they both have four wheels and an engine...

13th Dec 2016, 05:06

In regards to human beings having the ability to form emotional bonds with them, yes.

1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet 1.8L CIS-E from North America


The most fun you'll ever have with your top off!


Driver front leaky strut and loose strut mount.

Steering wheel bearing popped out of place.

Shifter linkages very loose and it has that good ol' second gear grind (both typical older VW traits :P )

Outer CV boots ripped open.

Leaks a bit of oil.

Leaky gas tank (keep in mind this car is 24 years old! Rust happens!)

General Comments:

This is an amazing little car! I am on my second one now and I absolutely love it, she's my pride and joy. These cars are great for anyone who likes that classic but fun feel. The interior is great. It is by far nicer and better than those new Fords and Dodges that look like Rubbermaid made the dashes. This car is true German quality, they don't make them like this any more. The interior is a mix of fabric and a leather like material, which give the car a quality feel.

The engine is of course, very VW. Yes, it occasionally needs work done, but in the long haul, this is a good, practical and reliable engine that cannot be killed. The fuel mileage is pretty good, especially for a car as old as it is.

But of course the best part of this car is that the roof comes off!!! Who doesn't love cruising around with the top down? This is one of those cars that you don't have to customize or do anything to, it'll get looks on its own! The circular headlights and chrome bumpers give the car a perfect oldskool look and feel! And the roof, when it's needed, is insulated quite thick.

One downside of the convertible Rabbits is the trunk space. There isn't much, but it's pretty decent for a convertible. The important thing though is that I can fit my 12" subwoofer inside!

This really is a fun car. I love to drive mine, and I think anyone who gets the chance to drive one will love it to. They have so much personality, and who doesn't love the classic VW Rabbit? However, I wouldn't recommend one of these cars to just anyone. The mechanically injected engine isn't like engines nowadays, and unless you're a VW nut, it could be tricky to work on (*note* some do come carbureted). And if you don't do your own work, I would strongly suggest finding a reliable mechanic who specializes in Volkswagens. Parts can be tricky to come by, but are often still out there.

All in all, if you like the classic look of an older car, the originality and character of a VW, and something reliable and fun, the 1985 Cabriolet is just for you! :)

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Review Date: 9th November, 2009

10th Nov 2009, 14:21

I love the old Rabbit based Cabriolets as well. I've owned 4 of them since 1982. Unfortunately they can become real money pits, requiring constant repairs. My last one was a 1993 model and was actually superbly reliable, but it had very, very low miles on it.

I switched to a Saab 9-3 Convertible three and a half years ago, and although not the fun run-about that my Cabriolet was, it is certainly a fantastic ride and gets very similar fuel mileage (over 30mpg hwy).