2012 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2.0 turbo 4 cylinder from North America


Loved it at first, but the car drove me to trade it in


Purchased NEW at a dealership in Virginia, 111 miles, purchased with 3 years/36,000 mile covered maintenance, plus EXTENDED warranty for 7 years/70,000 miles.

10,000 miles: First covered dealer service visit, no issues. Love the car.

20,000 miles: Second covered dealer service visit. Oil change: OK. Dealer reported tires cupped badly, needs new tires. Love of car fading.

22,000 miles: Purchased Michelin Pilot A/S 3, $1200 with alignment. First major out of pocket expense. Aggravated at purchasing tires for a new vehicle with less than 25k miles.

30,000 miles: Third covered dealer service visit, no issues.

32,500 miles: Car driving became extremely sluggish, misfires, and poor gas mileage. Limped to dealership for warranty repair and they replaced the intake manifold and told me I had significant carbon build-up. Carbon issue not covered by warranty: request approved and paid $300 for them to scrape the carbon out since the manifold was out. Love of car significantly fading.

40,000 miles: Oil change at alternate location. Later found out they used an after-market oil filter that almost voided the warranty.

50,000 miles: Oil change.

55,000 miles: Car breaks down in middle of 1,600 mile road trip (at Christmas!), leaves me & wife stranded 300 miles from home and local dealership (Delaware) states the engine is CONDEMNED! High pressure pump fails and discharges ALL engine oil. Turbo is destroyed, massive metal shavings in oil pan. Extended warranty PAYS $9,008 for new engine, turbo, pressure pump, etc. Love the extended warranty. Hate the car.

60,000 miles: Car won't start while at work. Called dealership, they sent a flatbed tow-truck, found melted fuel control module. $500 part. Extended warranty will take care of it minus my deductible and won't pay for all of tow service. Cost $250. Again aggravated at purchasing this car. Thanking GOD for the extended warranty purchase decision.

62,000 miles: In for oil change (coupon for $70). Car now needs rear brakes ($550 est.), brake fluid flush ($150 est.), battery fails test requires replacement ($194 est.) - performing estimated maintenance at home with parts purchased online -- preparing to take to CARMAX for a trade-in.

General Comments:

When the car is in tip-top shape, it drives like a dream. Hugs the corners, and I absolutely love the car.

The service manager says you need to drive the car like it's meant to in order to reduce carbon build-up. Let's put it this way... I'm in my mid-30s and drive like I stole it, but still have massive issues... oh well.

It's simply sad that it requires so much attention every 10,000 miles in order to stay on the road... feels like I bought a Jaguar rather than a VW. Time for a replacement vehicle. Sad.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2015

10th Sep 2015, 01:38

I'm not judging your driving, but I appreciate your detailed review. This is what a review (regardless of content and conclusion) should be.

10th Sep 2015, 14:55

Wow, this rings some bells!! Metal shavings in the oil and condemned engine. My wife had a Skoda Octavia vRS (not available in the USA I know, but VAG group and the same engine/gearbox as yours) with this 2.0 TFSI engine and the DSG gearbox brand new in 2009. She had it about a year and a bit, and had done around 50k miles, and one day at a Mcdonalds drive through with the window down, I picked up on the fact the engine sounds rattly, like a diesel. I advised she take it to the dealer, which she did, and they plugged their diag machine into it and said there's nothing they could do as there were no fault codes.

A couple weeks go by and it gets worse and worse, so I tell her to take it back and ask them to listen to it and demand they do something as it's SO bad. To cut a long story short, it was in there for 2 months with various VAG specialists looking at it, trying to work out the problem; they found metal shavings in the oil and basically said the engine was eating itself and something about incorrect valve tolerances when the engine was made and it was a one off fault. It had a new engine under warranty. I've since heard several times about this issue, so it's clearly a VAG fault on this engine version. NOT GOOD!! We had a Seat Leon FR with the same engine before the Octavia and had no problems. She's since got a VW CC with the 2.0 Tdi diesel engine and in nearly 3 years it's had no problems!!

13th Sep 2015, 03:36

Direct fuel injection is great, until the lack of fuel flow on the back of the intake valve does not wash the carbon deposits from the back of the intake valves, and causes driveability issues.

14th Sep 2015, 06:41

I totally agree with this statement!

2010 Volkswagen CC Sportline 2.0 turbo from North America


Excellent performance; maintenance required


The dealer offered me an extended warranty at a very reasonable cost. Thank God I purchased it!

1. Intake manifold replaced at 103,000 km (warranty).

2. Carbon cleaning performed at 103,000 km ($385, since the manifold was already off).

3. Blower motor replaced at 106,000 km (warranty).

4. DSG transmission serviced at 116,000 km ($400).

5. Turbocharger & exhaust manifold replaced at 127,000 km (warranty).

6. Blower motor replaced again at 127,000 km (warranty).

7. Adaptive headlights unit likely to be replaced today at 128,000 (warranty).

8. Awaiting body work in the next 4 months, covered by VW's general anti-rust warranty.

General Comments:

Aesthetically, I love this car. I prefer its design to that of any Audi. The good fuel-mileage the car gets offsets the additional expense of premium fuel. True to other reviews, the engine burns a little bit of oil, but not in the cold season. I have been happy with its performance and its comfort.

When it comes to reliability, I have been a little surprised by the amount of items that have needed replacing. In purchasing a car with 90,000 km, I fully expected to have to some repairs to the car under my ownership, but as you can see from the list above, there have been more than I expected - notably the second blower motor replacement and the turbocharger replacement. I am thankful that I purchased the extended warranty, but I only have about 5 months remaining.

I am unsure as to whether I will purchase another VW or if I will go back to the reliability of a Honda or Toyota, though they are much less fun to drive.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2015