24th Oct 2015, 22:01

The oil consumption (or, lack of it) is likely because you broke in the engine correctly. There's a correct way of doing this, I believe by ensuring that the engine revs don't stay constant too long in one spot during the first thousand or so kilometres so the rings bed in correctly. Of course, they could have been designed so they were a little more forgiving of less than ideal break-in conditions. Keep us advised please.

24th Oct 2015, 23:56

Good review. I hope to see some updates as the car ages.

25th Oct 2015, 03:09

Good tips about the oil/oil filter that should be carried over to maintenance in general. VW/Audi vehicles are intolerant of "off-spec" parts/fluids. Ignore that at your peril ;)

9th Jul 2017, 21:28

Update at 43,000 miles: The CC has been a great car, but there is something about this car that attracts a little disaster now and then. Last year the house next door burned down on a day when I left the CC in the driveway and the fire melted many things on the driver's side of the car, including both bumper covers, one headlight lens, one tail light lens, the left mirror housing, and the lower sill trim under the doors. Also the driver window regulator was making strange noises after this event and the battery tested poorly when it was being evaluated at the VW dealer before body repair was performed. All in all the tab came to $6,000 for repairs from this event.

Along the way somewhere I also hit a large pothole and the 18" "Mallory" wheels the R-line is equipped with are quite susceptible to bending as it turns out, so now there is a choppiness about the ride from time to time.

The most recent event involved an object landing on the hood when kids were playing at a family reunion and denting it in a highly noticeable place, and that ran $400 to have the dent repaired and the hood repainted.

Other than those theatrics the car itself has been great and I have no complaints. People still comment on this car and think it's highly customized and/or cannot believe it's a Volkswagen (evidently people still seem to think VW makes un-air-conditioned penalty box Beetles with no safety features or creature comforts).