1978 Volkswagen Dasher 4 door sedan from North America


Looks good, but be patient when living with it


Gas tank leaks, hehe.

Heater went out in the middle of winter in Chicago, not fun when I've got 5 people in the car, and the steam is immediately frozen on the windows, so we'd have to scrap the ice from the inside! I bet you haven't done that before! But with a Volkswagon Dasher, you can give it a try!

The car doesn't like to start when it's hot. Push, put in 2nd gear, and drop the clutch, then you are fine.

General Comments:

When I open the hood, nothing underneath is not rusted. But somehow, it runs, it's a miracle. I traveled all around the east coast in the car, winter and summer, quite a few times, but always managed to move from point A to point B within a day. Pretty good for a car that I paid $500 and sold for $30 when the radiator water leaked into the engine, causing me to weep while driving in the white cloud of smoke.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2006

22nd Jan 2014, 19:39

Reminds me of a few old cars I had growing up. Back then a VW Dasher was a cheap beater... Nowadays a Dasher in decent shape can command a premium from Volkswagen collectors/enthusiasts, due to their rarity... Especially if it's a diesel. If you can find one that isn't rusted away to nothing, grab onto it quick and don't let go. Good luck to anyone restoring one of these, as I imagine parts are now very scarce.