27th Sep 2016, 15:46

I agree 100% with you stating the dealership are unwilling to help... Mine was so bad I went directly to Volkswagen Corporate — and was basically told the same as you --- something to the extent of "well, we have no control over the dealer, you might want to take it (my issue) up with them"...

Get out the shovels, the s**t is getting high.

Is it finger-pointing, and each blaming the other, OR do they simply not stand behind their product, new or used? Personally, I believe it's both!

Unfortunately for me, they had the car which had everything I was looking for in a car and more! (the EOS Komfort Convertible 2.0 Turbo 6-speed). Long story short, they were fully aware I was purchasing this car (used, 2009). I just needed to come up with 20% of the purchase price, as the credit union only financed 80% - I told them "vehicle is sold" & I'll have the money in a couple weeks at most (which I did, in 3 weeks)… in the meantime, I kept in contact with them (to make sure car was still available). I had previously been without a car for 10 months and was anxious to get my "wings" back. I called them, & stopped by because they couldn't (or was it "wouldn't" take a deposit from me to "hold" this vehicle... Hmm) Anyway, in less than 60 days, the clutch was shot!

Here's the important part - AND I'd love any feedback with anyone's opinion about this situation PLEASE. On 10/3, the 2nd day I test drove it (this time with my Dad), the dealer threw in a more seasoned salesman on this day (my original salesman was NEW on the job!). During this test drive with the experienced salesman, he agreed to throw in a 90-day warranty! The paperwork for said warranty was not included in with my final documents (I realized later), but they still should have held to it! Now for the real kicker. So looking back thru my paperwork, BETWEEN 2pm Sat 10/3 AND 10am Wed 10/7 (3.5 days), when the bank wanted "the Buyers Order" & which the dealer faxed to the bank at 10 am on the 7th (get this) ★ someone put "248 miles" on this car! ★ ?What?... True. And, I've got that info in black and white so they cannot deny it!

It's my opinion (this can be a fairly fast car with the turbo + it being a 6-speed!) that someone (not fully knowing how to drive a manual transmission) took this convertible out for a last (no, more than likely a FIRST) hooray on a beautiful October weekend... and put 248 miles on it during the (approx 3.5) days they had possession of it... and, thus, did apparent damage. No, they nearly wore the clutch out, as prior to this, there were no problems, it drove beautifully, very smooth — so, I don’t have the $3000+ means to pay for repairs to this vehicle, that while driving 55 mph down the road, was in gear, but would not move forward, putting me in a very dangerous situation on top of all else.

The vehicle has sat for months (as I make the monthly car payment, without having use of the vehicle!), amounting to off the top of my head $1600 in car payments and NO CAR...

I'm an honest person & would be first to admit if I had done any damage to the clutch or any other damage. However, they were fully aware I was purchasing the car... and, well, to me, this whole thing smells fishy...

Please, anyone who has thoughts/comments - I am open to hear anything/everything that anyone may have to say --- desperate at this point to resolve this issue once & for all...

I only yesterday found out about "The Consumer Rights Act (October 1 2015) which may be a source of action, however I'm not sure if this may be a lengthy process or not. Either way, I suppose, I could stop at the dealer, advise them of the possible action I may be taking… see what their response is...

Any other ideas out there?...

p.s. "Corporate" told be they'd:

Assign a case number.

Email the dealer of their unsatisfactory sales/service, & especially them:

Not keeping their "word" (which I read, is legally binding and they should have given me the warranty. After all, I wouldn't be in this situation were they trustworthy & true to their word!).

And email to me, the case number... etc. NOTE — I have NEVER received said EMAIL* as promised from VW Corporate! Seriously??

THIS is a MAJOR car dealership... not a used car dealer, or some off-the-beaten-path unknown dealer — they are very well known in my area!)


Thanks in advance to anyone having the patience to read this, and hopefully offer your thoughts/ideas!