1995 Volkswagen Eurovan Westphalia Camper diesel from North America




Lower ball joints at 165k.

Front disk and rotors at 143k.

Rear brake cylinder at 143k.

Bushing in injection pump.

General Comments:

I used the Eurovan as a second car. We have travelled to South America from Canada (60k km), and the car still has the original shocks and clutch, and aside from a few bulbs and regular maintenance, this camper has given us lots of joy.

The best I ever owned; I will keep it forever.

The camper can go all day at 100km and use only 8l/100km.

We loved this car, just like the day we picked it up.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

27th Jun 2011, 01:17

We also have a '95 5-speed diesel and have to agree with you 100%.

The 5-speed 2.4 diesel Westphalia has been a fun, reliable and economical workhorse!

21st Oct 2016, 02:51

Hi... I am planning to re-visit the USA and Canada in 2017... and will travel for the next 5 years all over for about 3 months each year (I will leave the van with friends when I exit)... I would like a similar van as you have experienced good life stories... Can you help me find one? Do you know of sites where vans are sold privately?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Robert... email robthread at es dot net dot au

21st Oct 2016, 12:12

Some sites where you can find vans for sale are www.craigslist.com, www.autotrader.com and www.cargurus.com.

Although in the US, a VW Eurovan would probably not be your best first choice.

1995 Volkswagen Eurovan 2.5L gas from North America


A great van. Too bad it is so rare in Canada


Had to replace spark plug cables 3 times over the six years.

Replaced the electric water pump twice in the last two years (original German part!?).

The sliding door stopped to lock smoothly and requires special skills to be locked.

The transmission broke and the estimated cost of repair is about $3500 Can. Was hard to find a shop willing to do that since it seems to be a very rare fix.

General Comments:

Roomy and very comfortable. I can transport full size panels when I fold the seats.

Quite easy on gas considering the capacity (20-22 mpg average).

Expensive parts due to poor aftermarket and lack of competition.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004