1987 Volkswagen Fox from North America


Amazingly reliable and long-lived


Only routine maintenance required.

CV joints needed frequent replacement when I first got the car, but not again after that.

Averages about $600/year in maintenance, tires and repair.

General Comments:

I can't believe this engine. It won't die! It still passes emissions testing too. And only 460,000 km young.

Had to replace a ball joint, clutch cable, and master cylinder in the past year. Now up to $800 / year in repair and looking at a transmission replacement. Guess it's finally time to get a new car.

All parts have lasted far longer than most other vehicles. I just can't believe it. It makes it hard to appreciate other vehicles.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2003

1987 Volkswagen Fox GL 1.8 from North America


Really cheap fun!


Went through three sets of tires during the few miles I had driven it.

I also went through that many sets of brakes!

Not to mention two sets of rear struts.

The hood once ripped off and smashed in the windshield at 75 miles per hour!!!

Starter went at 72000.

Fender rusted out after the driver's side tire fell off (ball joints snapped) and squashed the fender upon impact with the ground.

General Comments:

There is much to be said about this peppy little Volkswagen. Simply I loved it.

I beat this car to the fullest extent one can beat a car. It was my first car, of course. I would take it off-roading and drive it like I was in a Bond movie, and for the age of the car, I am actually surprised it handled it so well. It speaks loudly for the vehicle's durability.

For being a budget car, it handles tight.

The 1.8 liter engine also has great get-up-and-go, and really makes the car feel zippy, though at top speed (only 92 mph) the handling gets a bit watery.

At a light weight, the car feels surprisingly well clung to the road.

I am six-foot three-inches tall, and there was headroom to spare in this sub-compact vehicle, though my feet sometimes felt a little to close when operating the clutch.

I liked it so much that I actually owned two at the same time! The second was a 1989 with a 5 speed. (The '87 was getting some much needed repairs after the ball joints gave out)

I drive a new Intrepid now, and constantly wish it was as small and fun as the 1987 Volkswagen Fox.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

1987 Volkswagen Fox LE from North America


Very reliable, but you money to buy parts regularly (and import parts are not cheap)


Alternator died - $250.

Front brakes went at 150,000 - $150.

Calipers went when brakes went - $150.

Rear brakes and pistons at 160,000 - $200.

Rear passenger bearings - $20.

The trunk continually leaks.

Rear passenger strut.

General Comments:

The car is very reliable, and I can trust it to take me anywhere.

The trunk is a constant pain, always leaking, which in turn makes the car smell.

I would never buy another one again.

You are constantly putting money into it every three months or sooner.

There is a constant hmmmmmm from the fuel pump which costs over $200 for a new one.

However, it is not broken, just very annoying.

Every once in a while when I start the car, the horn goes off for no reason.

The gas gauge and temp gauge don't work.

The oil light constantly blinks.

Although if you start the car at three in the morning, all the gauges work and the oil light goes off.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2002

8th Nov 2009, 22:49

I don't think people should complain at all about these cars, you get more than what you pay for. Everything listed here is a maintenance item.

1987 Volkswagen Fox 1.8 liter, 81 horsepower from North America


A car that is both cheap to keep running, and is a blast to drive


From the time I received this car, almost nothing major has gone wrong.

One thing that is more of a cosmetic problem than a mechanical problem is the fact that hub caps, when put on the car wheels, stay on for a short time, and then fall off. This is more of an annoyance than a real car problem.

Another problem I have experienced with this car is the electrical system. Sometimes, the dashboard lights do not come on, sometimes only one dashboard light comes on, the clock seems to stop, and then about an hour later, come back on again. This is not the fault of the battery, as I have replaced it several times, but it still persists with these problems.

General Comments:

I couldn't believe how lucky I was.

When I received this car at 16 years of age, I was delighted. That was before I got behind the wheel. The wheel of my 4-speed '87 red Fox sedan 2-door. hoo-yeah.

My opinions hasn't changed since then, this is a great car.

Since it's old, it has a distinct look of a semi-classic 80's car. this can be either a blessing or a burden, depending on what kind of a car owner you are.

For some reason, even though this was an entry-level car in '87 and has since been discontinued, this car has had no problems with the engine. granted, the previous owner really kept this car in mint condition, but I have had it for a year, and even though it has 90,000 miles on it and the bluebook price is $475, this car has had no breakdowns. The engine has never failed, and always runs smoothly.

This car is really fun to drive. I have made minor upgrades to its exhaust system and tires, and drives great. I don't know exactly what makes it so fun to drive, whether its the small, maneuverable, compact shape, or the good manual transmission. I still can't say why I like this car so much. I just do.

Every day I drive to school, drive to lunch, drive home, drive to the store, or anywhere else, and for those tasks this car works perfectly. Sure, this isn't a Porshe, but for everything I need to do in and around the town of Binghamton, this will do it.

Having spent much of my time in this car, I can safely say that this is a very solid choice for someone who just got their license and needs a cheap car.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2002