8th Sep 2004, 17:18

Hello. I am form Mexico, too. The VW Gol (Called Pointer in Mexico) I bought performed wonderfully. The average consumption should be 13 km/liter, so do not panic.

I have read many comments regarding this car. It is not exactly well built, so do not expect a Pointer without noises. The squeeks you hear may come from the doors, which loosen throughout the normal use of the car. You can tighten them by screwing the inner screws of the doors.

Even though I sold my car and bought a 2001 Nissan Sentra, I must say that I would rather recommend you to buy something else besides this car. I was lucky to get a good car. But not everyone has that luck. Especially when the car is not built in Mexico.

Have you tried the service and the spare parts?? The service is bad and the spare parts are expensive. Some of my friends have bought them and they complain on the poor service in the agency and the bad quality of the plastics; also they complain on the expensive of the maintenance.

My recommendation: do not buy one.

27th May 2005, 16:54

Well, here I am again.

Most recent report of my car. 50000+ km. 3 years of owing it! I haven't change the steering wheel and now the gear change lever is suffering the same fate of "sweating hands". That is my only complain so far right now. One of this weekends I drove the car for a 200km trip and the car got an outstanding 75km/gallon on a very flat road at an steady 80-85kmh.

By the way, on payday (Monday) I will change the 4 tires (3 years old also) for the same spec: 175/70R13 and on case you didn't know, the wider the tire the more gas your car will burn because wider tires have a bigger contact area to the road.

I feel sorry for all the people who didn't get a well-manufactured car... I believe God has blessed me.

29th Nov 2006, 12:17

I have a Pointer 2000 with 120,000 kms, it job perfectly (I'm the first owner), but yes, the plastic materials are so bad and the service is the worst. the original brakes are good and noisy, but you can change it for another less noisy.

22nd Jun 2007, 17:43

Well, here I am, the original poster for this car. I have had it for 5 years, 2 months and 90,000 kilometers. I still believe is a good car for the price.

The quality of the interior is starting to make things difficult for me though. Now I have a problem with the door handles, steering wheel, ashtray, glove box and the driver-side window mechanism. Most of them are made of plastic, and even if they looked cheap when new, fact is I never had a problem with them... until a year ago when everything started to fall apart. I am not disapointed because most people will tell you that every new car is designed to last without problems for 3 years only. Or that is what I heard here. Engine problems? So far, not at all. Really bad problems with the car - overall: the water pump was leaking and I had to replace it for a non-VW unit. Cheap, it now works fine. The spark plug wiring failed the same day my original battery died, on last November. Also, I had to change the particle-filter of the ac for a Toyota one (interesting to know, technicians told me Toyota sells it´s ac technology for most car makers).

I believe the car still makes 55-57kmg overall, in fact, it gets 50+kmg on highways because I usually carry 4-5 people at speeds over 90kmh, it gets worse fuel consumption with weight and/or with the ac on.

Everything else seems to be working just fine.

If I have to change the car, I would prefer a bigger VW: a Jetta TDI or something.

Next report: at 100,000 km or 6 years.

Happy motoring!

22nd Oct 2007, 16:24


I'm from Costa Rica. I have a '98 Gol... I have changed almost every piece and I still can't get it right, I have taken it to different ppl and no one can get to the problem, cuz if its not one thing its the other... I don't know what to do, I can't even sale it, cuz it will break down before I am able to... I don't know what to do?? It had heating problems before...