Golf GL 1.6 petrol

An ideal family hatchback for those on a tight budget

100 words, UK and Ireland

Golf Karmann Convertible GL 1.6

A versatile, quality, fun to drive retro-machine on the cheap!

468 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Golf CL 1.3 petrol

Cracker car the Mark 2 golf, just get a quicker one

268 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Golf C 1.6 diesel

A cheap reliable car

44 words, Netherlands

Golf Mk1 GTi 1.8 i

A cheap cult classic that still turns heads

46 words, UK and Ireland

Golf C 1.6

The most reliable cheap car I've ever had!

154 words, Netherlands, 1 comment

Golf GTi 8v

Very reliable, economical and fast

44 words, UK and Ireland

Golf GTi 1.8 petrol

A high performance bargain and reliable

83 words, UK and Ireland

Golf GLi 1.7 diesel

Surprisingly quick for a diesel

145 words, Australia and New Zealand

Golf GTi 8V 1.8 petrol

Excellent fun. Recommended

66 words, UK and Ireland

Golf GTi Convertible 1.8 injection petrol

119 words, UK and Ireland