1987 Volkswagen Golf GL 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A great looking, solidly built town car


I had the usual Solex 2e2 carburettor problems (slow/fast idle, cut out…), eventually I found a knowledgeable and patient mechanic (expensive, but worth it) …

Radiator leaks (replaced), metal coolant pipe developed a hole.

Exhaust boxes replaced.

Switch problems; full beam indicator light malfunction –dashboard indicator light was fitted (this was so bright it constituted a hazard to myself) ; the windscreen water pump is also operated from a dashboard switch.

Heater director cable and rear windscreen wash not working.

One window stuck, one door handle replaced.

General Comments:

Used as a second car, I have done 34,000 miles in eight years. Auto box (3 speed) means it’s a great town and short journey car; however kick down only works up to about 40-45 mph, which is annoying. Haven’t changed the auto fluid- top up only (when do I need to change?)

Lack of power steering is a problem for my wife.

Despite the above wear and tear, this car is built to last. Looks very handsome in it’s diamond silver paintwork and pepper pot alloys. A GTI grille adds character.

After spending money on repairs in the last two years, I won’t sell the car as I like it and it’s not worth a lot. However, it should keep me going for another few years yet.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2005

1987 Volkswagen Golf GL 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


An excellent car


No problems at all in the 12 months that I owned the car.

General Comments:

Comfortable, stylish, economical and good to drive.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1987 Volkswagen Golf Diesel 1.6 N/A diesel from North America


Amazing car for the daily run around


CV shaft, V belt, and Valve cover Gasket replaced April 23 2005.

Battery replaced in March of 2005.

Interior Speakers are TOAST since I bought it.

General Comments:

The is the most reliable efficient car I have ever owned. I bought this car late last year as a daily drive/runaround car. It serves this purpose perfectly.

The car itself is SLOW and may not be the most comfortable thing on four wheels, but it is cheap, reliable, efficient and heck even kinda fun to drive. I averaging a great 45mpg city driving. The car is bare to the bone with no amenities. It is also on the loud side (more so than my f250 diesel) but not really all that bad. Even with no power-steering the car handles great and is easy to drive not to mention the car is surprisingly good in the snow.

All in all this is a great car for its intended purpose cheap reliable efficient transportation from point A to B.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

10th Dec 2010, 12:03


Yes, it's a great car indeed, maybe the best ever made.

.. And it is NOT a slow car - is faster than many bigger cars (with much, much, much lowest mpg) - so, check the engine, probably is something wrong there.

1'st gear - easy 40 km/h

2'nd - 70

3'rd - 100.


Max engine speed = 5.050 rpm.

- Keep it good, an awesome car! -

11th Aug 2014, 17:09

Not slow. Indeed I had one, a 1.6d automatic, and it reached 170km/h in 3rd gear. It kept up fine side by side with my father's mk1 1.6 GLD 5 speed manual that has tached several times at 180km/h.

The lack of power steering is one big issue.

1987 Volkswagen Golf GL 1.8 Gas from North America


A great German car and excellent alternative to Hondas


This is my second Golf. It runs good, but there is a slight ticking sound coming from the driveline, which I am checking into now, may be CV joints or the like.

General Comments:

My previous Golf was a '90 1.8 4door with 5 speed. The person before me had blown the head gasket and filled the crankcase with engine coolant. Not ideal conditions to say the least. I pulled the head, had it shaved and reground, and reinstalled it with new gaskets. Only problem was lining up the timing gears, took about 4 tries to get them lined up just right. They tend to run hot. I live in Texas where the temperature gets about 100d F easily and this car had no problems. I ran Castrol 20W-50 which was too thick, except at rpm's over 5k so I switched to 10-40GTX and it did great. I easily got 35 mpg regularly with no maintenance issues.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2005

11th Mar 2005, 21:52

I had 2 vw's and they were both terrible.