1992 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 ECOdiesel from Sweden


Cheap fun


Rear wheel bearing seized during a shorter trip without warning.

General Comments:

This is a turbodiesel without the added fuel when the boost comes on.

A friend turned up the fuel and it ran way better, but smoked a little more (not too bad).

Stock 80-120km/h in 4th gear 18.5 seconds.

Tuned 80-120km/h in 4th gear 9.5 seconds.

Fuel consumption before tuning was 0,55 litres/10km.

After tuning 0,52 litres/10km.

Talk about eating the cake and keeping it at the same time.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2012

1992 Volkswagen Golf CSX 1.8 from South Africa


It's mind blowing good build


The waterpump failed after 171000km.

Body has dents.

General Comments:

The car has a lot of pulling power from 0-100Km in 9.2 seconds (is standard).

It gives me 18km per liter.

The interior is still like new.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2010

1992 Volkswagen Golf VR6 2.8L 12 valve from UK and Ireland


My other lover!


Oil smell inside the car: common problem, the crankcase breather pipe splits and leaks oil onto the exhaust manifold heat-shield.

Oil leaking from around the head gasket and sump gasket: another common problem. Keeping an eye on the oil level, no real problems yet.

Small coolant leak near front of engine: possibly from around the thermostat sensor housing. Again, watching the level, but nothing terminal yet.

ABS warning light on constantly after start up: another common fault. Mine needed x2 ABS rear sensors to rectify.

Front indicators and fog lights let water in: cheap after market ones. Originals would have been fine probably.

General Comments:

It's probably a bit unfair of me to comment on the VR6 just yet, as I have only had it a short time, but it excites me so much.

There's a lot wrong with the car, but what would you expect from this 15 year old future classic? My previous car, a 1998 Mondeo ST24, was in better shape as far as not having any engine troubles, but the body work was rusting from the inside out, and I really can't find a rusty bit on my car at all! Good old VW.

This car is not going to be a Ferrari beater, but it's a damn sight quicker than a lot of these more modern so called "Hot hatches". The 0-60s of around 7 seconds flat is good, but what I love is the 0-50 times for this car, that hardly anyone ever mentions.

It does 0-50mph in approximately 5.4 seconds!!

The long geared third is why the 0-60 time is so poor.

There are a lot of common faults, and I'm finding more each day, but at least it's an evil I know, and because so many people have come across these before, fault diagnosis can be simple. The VR6 owners club website is a must visit for any VR6 owner. A massive wealth of information and help. www.vr6oc.com, thanks.

Dealer parts are expensive, but VW are quality and I wouldn't expect anything else from them. Try GSF car parts (German, French & Swedish) for cheap quality parts. They have loads of outlets country wide.

To sum up so far, I love the Golf VR6, but be careful buying one, as they're getting on, and be prepared to sink some money into it. But with people paying £3000 plus for poxy Saxos, Clios and things, I'd much rather spend £1500-£2000 on a VR6, do it up a little, and beat them at the lights!

Happy motoring.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

2nd Sep 2007, 09:39

Has anyone had any engine work done on there VR6?. Things like new cams, modified cylinder heads and ecu re-programming? What do you recommend? I want to see if I can get 250bhp atleast from mine and was interested on whats working best for other peoples VR6's. Let me know if you have any info at all people, thanks.

1992 Volkswagen Golf CL 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Superb car that just keeps going


Temperature sensor died.

Clutch wore out.

General wear and tear - e.g. wheel bearings.

Water pipes corroded.

General Comments:

This car has been absolutely superb so far, as a "first" car. It's not the nippiest thing on the road, but it generally cruises at about 80mph on the motorway, and is quite happy toddling around town as well.

Generally, I tend to get about 35mpg out of it (which works out at about 280 miles on a full tank).

Pretty much all the work which has been done on it to date has been on the standard "wear-and-tear" stuff - wheel bearings, clutch, timing belt, etc. All things considered, these have been pretty cheap to replace, and it's essentially sailed through the MOT tests so far - on the last one the only issues were with the windscreen wipers and a lightbulb on the licence plate!

It's worth noting that the car hasn't let me down once yet while driving, which is a pretty good achievement for a 15 year old car!

The only bad thing about all this, is that it's very difficult to justify buying something shinier...

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Review Date: 7th June, 2006

23rd May 2007, 16:02

I should have updated this earlier, but I eventually traded in this car for a Mazda 626 (a somewhat bigger beastie). The main reason for the switch was because something collapsed in the clutch (a bearing or somesuch). The cost of repair was getting close to the value of the car, so I decided to part-ex it in...

Still, up to that point it was a great little car, and I still miss it - especially when trying to park up my showboat:) I'm certainly considering moving back to the VW fold for my next car!