1999 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg 2.0 from North America


Not worth the tires its on


Do not purchase this vehicle... very unhappy at the reliability of such a lemon. Since I purchased it, it has been nothing, but a money pit... problems with the check engine light, the radio, the engine in general, the brakes, the steering wheel, the heating system...etc.

General Comments:

A 2/10, not a good car and will NEVER drive a VW again. It looks good from far, but is far from good!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2007

5th Mar 2008, 03:02

I purchased a used 99 wolfsburg 4 years ago and I too have been total disappointed to the point that I will never buy another Volkswagen again. This car has been a money pit and headache since the moment I drove it off the lot.

- It has had constant problems with the front CV joints, I have replaced them at least 4 times.

- Check engine light came on about 4 months after purchase and has since burnt out.

- The hatch rusted out, which is an common issue with this model. I had it fixed under warranty, but was it was a warranty patch job and has since rusted out again. Now the hatch won't open at all and is no longer covered.

- Air bag light comes on and off intermittently.

- Cruise Control only work sometimes.

- Moon roof leaks.

- Starting to rust in all the place you would expect on a Volkswagen.

- etc...

I have spent around $3000 on this car in the last year on repairs. It is now parked as it needs another $4000 in repairs.

I just give up. It too bad because it is really a fun car to drive. When it's drivable.

1999 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Needs refinement to bring it up to expectations


Airbag warning light at about 15,000 k's fixed under warranty. Same thing just after expiry of warranty cost A$400. Cup holder fell apart at about 30,000 km. Fixed it with a paper clip as replacement cost prohibitive. Exterior rear view mirror control snapped at 45,000 km. Replacement cost about A$150 for part. Put it in myself as dealer quoted a ridiculous price. Bottom of car scraped over normal height speed bumps when more than one person in car. Front air dam came off several time as too low for car park wheel bump barriers. Developed wheel wobble which dealer mechanic said was due to tyre fault. Replaced tyres, wobble still there. First major service cost A$1,800 as timing belt needed replacement.

General Comments:

On initial inspection, this car seemed a fantastic package. Solid, well built, lots of creature comforts and features. Add to that, great styling and the promise of German engineering. I thought that it was worth the extra few thousand $$$.

I was wrong.

Very high fuel consumption (premium unleaded) as auto box has only 4 speeds (revs at 3,500 at 100 kph). Sluggish performance and very expensive servicing costs. The paint marked very easily (seemed to have white undercoat). Luckily, sold it for good price.

Now happily drive 1983 Volvo 240 wagon.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2006

1999 Volkswagen Golf s 1.6 from UK and Ireland


The Car is lovely, only its completely let down by Volkswagon


Window regulator broke at 40,000 miles, VW known problem yet they only offer the same replacement part even thought they are too weak to hold the glass.

Gear Box broke at 42,000 miles shattering bell housing and socking clutch in oil.

Brake lights have to be replaced every 3 months if your lucky...!

Central locking failed at 55,000 miles.

Drivers seat worn out on right hand side by 45,000 miles.

Gear Box Failed AGAIN! at 56,000 miles Oh Joy!

General Comments:

This car has got some good points, it is very nice to drive, when the gear box works, it feels safe and handles very well. The car is however plagued with known faults, the gear box spits bearing out and shatters the housing, this has happened twice to me. The window regulator's are guaranteed to break, £175 to replace each. VW service was terrible to say the least and they quoted over £1750 to replace the box, well is it worth it... I think not, I also wrote to VW and got NO reply I wrote again still no reply, I guess they just don't care very much.

Would I have another Golf? NO, would I have another VW? NO... Not because I do not like the car, but because of the way I was spoken too and the serious lack of customer service from both the main dealers and VW its-self.

VW have not even attempted to correct known faults on cars they design, £1750 might not be a lot of money to one of VW's main people, but I can ensure you that it is a lot of money to the average person buying your cars VW.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2006