1999 Volkswagen Golf S 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


The golf should be a Great hatchback coming from Germany, but its not.


Differential seal went at 57,000 taking clutch with it after oil leak.

Gear selection problem since new box.

Gear linkages unhooked themselves, impressing Volkswagen assistance technician on call out.

Near side rear brake caliper failed, and leaked brake fluid.

Gearbox mounting bolt sheared after original bolts were used (after this problem was sorted, the gearbox finally felt as new, first time since old box was taken away, making me think, maybe the box was never quite installed correctly)

General Comments:

Main dealer helpful all the way, with all problems, even when Volkswagen assistance courtesy car needed to be returned, they found me one of their cars to get in, and kept me mobile.

Shame the car was such a problem in the first place though.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

1999 Volkswagen Golf GTi Turbo 1.8t from UK and Ireland


Quality all-rounder GTI


Just general wear and tear, replaced 2 inner front anti roll bar bushes, rear brake pads.

Slight rust on both rear door window upright guides.

General Comments:

Build quality is quite good, being my first VW, Recaro seats give a quality interior feel, extrerior paint finish and body condition is very good for year and mileage.

Handling is beginning to fade, doesent like being pushed round tight corners, probable requiring new shock absorbers, dampers.

Engine performance is excellent, I had a recent engine tuned when I first got the car, where the boost pressure was slightly increased, 6 up to 8 psi, car goes really well, it not blisteringly fast, but with nice low down torque and virtually no turbo lag, combined with excellent fuel consumption 32 - 36 mpg, make it a great all rounder.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005

1999 Volkswagen Golf GT TDi 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Economy, comfort and style in a well respected package


Brake servo hose split.

Anti roll bar bushes wore out.

Brake discs and pads replaced (general wear and tear).

Air mass meter faulty.

General Comments:

I thought it necessary to add this review given a lot of the bad press the Mk4 Golf has received on this site. I am not a short-sighted devotee of VW, this is the first one I've had, but I like what I see.

The problems above are nothing major, and quite normal for any car of this mileage.

Compared with my old 306 the Golf is light years ahead in terms of refinement and comfort. The TDi engine is gutsy, quiet and economical. I have several years experience of working in the motor trade and believe that the Golf is a great balance of solidity and style.

Yes, maybe there are better cars out there, but the high resale values reflect the continued demand for these cars. If they had become so bad this would have inevitably changed by now.

My car has not been troublesome. It has had far fewer problems than my last car and I work it hard, covering upto 20K miles a year.

Come on people, give these cars a lot of the credit they deserve. Yes, slate bad examples, but don't be shallow enough to over generalise. There are some excellent ones too.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

3rd Jan 2007, 14:50

As I understand it, it depends very much where individual examples are built. The South African built cars are truly dreadful, with countless common faults and build quality that is best described as slapdash.

The German built cars are much more in-line with traditional expectations of a VW. I suspect yours is German built. I had a South African built example which was without a doubt the worst car I have ever owned.

I don't think another car exists with such variable quality, and as such I wouldn't recommend it. All rivals are much more consistent.

1999 Volkswagen Golf SE TDI from UK and Ireland


This is a sound but unexciting car: time to change


The child lock was jammed shut on rear door. Dealer denied responsibility and labour was costly to fix problem.

Some condensation in the car: haven't identified cause.

Scratches and chips show up on shallow non-metallic paint-job.

Both keys stopped working as remotes.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable, but unexciting to drive apart from mid-range torque which surprises boy-racers.

Handling is not direct and wallows: the Focus is in a different class here.

The car feels heavy and safe and the interior is superior to most other cars in its class.

On the motorway the car cruises easily at 90 and still delivers incredible mpg: 50-60.

The two VW dealers have been arrogant and expensive. However, after 40k servicing, the car performed even better. The cost of a replacement key is £80 and was the only suggestion when the remote c-locking stopped working.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2004