2000 Volkswagen Golf GLS 2.0L from North America


A real treat to drive, so I don't mind the commute


When I bought my Golf, there were a few cosmetic problems, at no fault to the manufacturer, merely signs of being "used", and besides a few minor vibrations in the dash and driver's shoulder belt pulley, there have been no problems with my car. I am completely satisfied with my car.

General Comments:

I GASPED at the thought that someone on a previous comment stated that handling in a Ford Focus was BETTER than the Golf. Are you nuts?!? I drive my car about 80 miles a day, commuting into Houston, TX on some fine highways and some terrible surface streets, so I can say that my car gets put through its paces. While it may have more body roll than a Porsche, that's to be expected. While the suspension on those dreaded pothole covered streets is stiff, what cars wouldn't be? I lug a full drum set, large potted plants, and architectural models around inside my car, and it's a real champ. I feel TOTALLY safe in my car. Did I mention that someone said a Ford Focus was better? That is laughable. All my friends still comment on how slick my car is, even after driving it for 24,000 + miles. It does the job, and it does it with style and grace.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2002

21st Dec 2002, 04:45

I can't comment too much on your circumstances, what with you being in America, but I can say from being in America you wouldn't have the slightest clue of what it means to have a car with great handling.

21st Dec 2002, 05:20

I don't know if it is "laughable" to think that a Focus handles better than a Golf. It all comes down to what "handling" means to you. If you look for precise steering and clear feedback when cornering then a Focus is the obvious choice. The golf steering is just too numb and the car rolls and floats when really pushed round a corner. You don't have to drive a Porsche to experience precise cornering and accurate steering. Don't get me wrong, the golf IV IS safe. But it's not inspiring for someone who thinks that driving should be much more than moving from A to B (be it in the city or on the motorway)

8th May 2008, 12:44

From having browsed this site for a few days, I can tell you that obviously people who post here mostly have negative comments about the cars...

This site is useless for someone who is interested in buying a VW and shouldn't be taken in account for its criticisms towards the cars.

If I had two more hands I would give this site 4 thumbs down.

2000 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Overpriced and over rated. Not very reliable


Ran out of oil about 6 weeks after I got it. Still uses a lot of oil. My husband tops it up every couple of weeks :-). dealer says it is normal.

Used a lot of fuel (about 20 mpg). Dealer has replaced a probe twice. It is OK now.

A piece of trim fell of the inside and it rattles a lot.

Carpets got soaked in passenger side. Dealer replaced the door seal.

Had a new alternator and water pump.

Some other things that I can't remember meant it had to go in the dealers.

All under warranty.

General Comments:

We like the car a lot, but it has not been as reliable as I thought it would be. Our Vectra was better.

Love the blue dials at night.

Dealers very good and have got the car back on the road quickly, but the routine services are very expensive.

The petrol consumption is OK except when the probe in the engine breaks. Then it is terrible.

It is nicer than our Vectra, but has broken down more and is more expensive.

My husband doesn't think it is as good as his Mazda 323.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

19th Sep 2005, 12:51

I agree: I had a Mazda 323 too and it was definitively better in many ways. From the type of metal used,to the consumes of fluids, and the electric system reliability... this 2000 model Golf 2.0lt has electrical glitches to no end... consumes oil like a sponge, and the outer body is soft. Not to speak about the assembly system... a wind shield which is fitted so tight that at the first sun heat in California it craked right there, in the parking lot, for no reason at all.

It runs great... but maintenance is costly and much stress.