2000 Volkswagen Golf E 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Approach with caution


Within the first year of owning the car it kept stalling every time the engine was idle.

Boot struts rusted at the base.

Crunching noise from the engine, which required most of a new engine.

Starter Motor replaced due to a fault.

Drive shaft nut snapped, I am not a mechanic, but this is what I was told was the problem.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable to sit in.

Cornering can be scary, due to body roll.

Changing rear bulbs is next to impossible, without removing the outer light 'cluster'.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2003

2000 Volkswagen Golf GLS 2.0 from North America


A Lemon


Broken windshield wipers.

Replaced tires and brakes at 40 000 Km's.

Headlights constantly burn out.

Snow build up can bend the metal on the door.

Broken cup holders.

Broken glove box.

2 different sensors in the engine had to be replaced.

Catalytic converter.

General Comments:

Dealer service was terrible, they actually broke my car when getting warranty repairs, we were forced to pay, VW Canada refused to help because they don't own the VW dealerships.

I have serveral friends who purchased redesigned VW's and I have yet to hear any positive feedback.

My old VW was amazing, the company, its service, its dealers, and its product has gone way down hill.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2003

30th Jul 2003, 17:19

I totally agree. It's a lemon.

My story: 2001 VW Golf GLS 1.8T

At 36,000 I already have had:

-Two broken windows, replaced AC Compressor at 14,000 miles, Cooling Fan bushings worn out, a Fisher-Price type of fan, should have not cost more than $40.00, VW price: $350,00. I had to get a bushing manufactured, and repaired myself, like in the old days.

Now, AC evaporator is leaking. Parts: $800.00, labor $500.00. I am reparing it myself. I had to dissasemble half the car apart to get to the evaporator.

I bet it gives the best lemonade you can get.

8th May 2006, 22:15

Sadly, I must agree. I have a 2000 Golf and I'm having serious problems. I purchased the car used at 45,000 miles from a VW dealer.

So first the good things. I love the stereo system. I stick in 6 CDs and drive and drive! The heated seats are great and are comfortable for me (I'm short). And the car is really stylish. I love the acceleration (I have the 2.0 engine).

But...the transmission is loose and the gears are grindy.

I'm ready (again) to replace my starter motor...one has already been replaced.

My headlights and tail lights burn out regularly.

My catalytic converter rattles and shakes, and recently I couldn't pass the smog test for California (repair estimates are $400-$500). My oil pan (?) needs replacement before I can get another oil change ($400).

The service rep at the VW dealer (where I purchased the car used) told me to come in for my last warranty service when I come in for my next oil change, but imagine my surprise when I discovered the warranty had run out by then, but the service rep was gone. The dealer refused to do the warranty work. Yuck!

My previous VW (a wonderful 68 bug) lasted 14 years with minimal problems. This 2000 Golf costs me $$$ every time I turn around. I'm getting ready to sell it. I will miss it's looks, it's stereo sounds, and it's speed.

2000 Volkswagen Golf V6 4Motion 2.8 V6 from UK and Ireland


A Car VW Dealers love so much they want to keep hold of it


-Car Bought from VW dealer-

The car supposedily had a VW 200 somthing point check before being given to me.

In the first week the following happened.

Temp sensor packed up, going from 0-max every few seconds.

Car pulled hard to the left.

Rattle from the engine getting worse as each day went on.

Took it to the dealer asap (2nd week) and it was in for work for 1 1/2 days. came back with only the temp gauge fixed. Said about the others and service wanted to charge me £58 and hour to work out what was wrong. Explained that I had only had the car a week and I had a 12 month warranty. After 20 minutes of stressfull arguing they agreed to book it in the following week.

That is the last I've seen of it, now been two weeks with out it. The rattle in the engine has require a full strip down, last I heard the head was off and the cams where out. Parts are being ordered in from Germany, so that is more delay.

General Comments:

This car looks the part, sounds the part and even goes to match its looks.

But so far I'm am not happy with the reliablity of it and the total lack of caring from the dealer. The sales bloke who sold me the car has said I'm not to phone him any more and only deal with the managers. Nice, after one week of ownership.

To make matters worse I asked for a loan car, this was agreed. On "dumping" my car with them this offer was retracted. only to be reoffered once I had a fit and asked for my money back.

It really gets to me, the fact you have to threaten them with so much just to get the thing fixed.

I will not be buying a VW again, and to be honest I'm in two minds about keeping this one if I ever see it again.

Should've bought a Type-R.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

1st Jul 2003, 07:09


Its now been with the dealer for 3 weeks. More parts are having to be ordered in. Can see it passing 4 weeks at this rate...


11th Jun 2004, 18:39

I'm trying to work out exactly what it is that makes VW dealers fail to treat their customers with any degree of sympathy or even basic courtesy.

My own 2000 Golf 1.8T GTI was a disappointing liability. Coil failures, squeaks, rattles, clutch and gearbox problems, electrical problems, engine ancillary problems etc etc. Disappointing enough, but when you have to battle the dealer every time to resolve the problems, it makes things ten times worse, especially when they not only fail to help you, but treat you like a moron. For example, one service manager tried to tell me the failed alternator on my car was not covered because it is classed as a consumable. My reply is not printable on a family website, suffice to say they didn't pursue the argument!

I got so sick of the car I threw it back at the finance company after 18 months (half period), accompanied by a four page detailed description to VW Customer Services of just what a chore owning this car was. They didn't even have the decency to acknowledge my letter.

I will never buy another VW product as long as I live. Overrated, overpriced junk.

27th Oct 2009, 16:41

Never had a problem with my V6 4motion!!!