2000 Volkswagen Golf Comfortline 2.0 gas from Switzerland


Good engine and body, terrible electrics and electronics


The front windows motors have broken down three times (twice on the left hand and once on the right hand side) over the past three years.

The exhaust gas analyzer ("lambda probe") broke down after two years. It took multiple visits to the dealer to get it fixed.

The water temperature meter broke down after three years.

The ESP indicator (or system - the dealer was incapable to determine) started to go intermittently wrong after two years, it took over 6 months to finally get it fixed and again multiple visits.

General Comments:

Too many complicated and unreliable electronics that dealers do not manage to fix properly. When things start going wrong it becomes expensive and lengthy.

Excellent paint job, not rusting, ages very well even kept outdoors (I do not have a garage).

Comfortable and pleasant for long and fast (130/150 km/h) drives on motorways.

Not very good for mountain roads: a bit too heavy in the turns and not much couple in third gear at 2000/2500 rpm.

Ground clearance very small (9 cm) means problems on snow-covered roads or dirt trails.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2004

2000 Volkswagen Golf GLS 2.0 from North America


You'd be better off taking the bus


Oxygen sensor blew for the first time at 1200 miles. Then again at 2500 miles. Then again at 4000 miles. Finally recalled.

Check engine light on every week for any number of reasons.

Airbag light on from about 5,000 miles. I was told by VW that to even diagnose a problem would be a $700 diagnostic fee! Excuse me?! Because I broke the airbags?!

Mass air flow sensor defective. Finally recalled the week after I got rid of the car.

Glove compartment door fell off.

Heated mirrors never worked.

Rear window washer never worked.

Ate headlights and taillights - to the point where I carried extras in the car at all times.

Drank oil like it was german beer. At least a quart every 1000 miles.

Brakes and rotors replaced twice before 40,000 miles.

Windows fell into doors repeatedly - which made the car so much fun to drive in the snow. Finally recalled, and then none of the dealers had replacement parts.

Alarm system useless - car was broken into and the alarm never went off. I had to disarm it to let the police into the vehicle. VW told me "the door needs to be breached" in order for the alarm to go off. I guess throwing a rock through the window doesn't count as a "breach".

Power mirror knob fell off in my hand.

Cup holders broke twice - VW charged $60 to replace.

Dashboard lights only worked when they wanted to.

Sluggish shifting in general - and extreme lag going from park to reverse.

Doors froze shut constantly. Found 1/2 inch of ice inside the drivers door when I took off the door panel to find out what was wrong.

Sludge in motor from time of first oil change at 5,000 miles - which is the VW maintenance schedule. Techs at dealer tried to tell me it was my fault!

Interior trim peeling, cracking and falling off.

General Comments:

Do you like spending time in the waiting room at the dealership service department? Do you like driving crappy rentals while you're waiting for your car to be serviced yet again? Then the VW Golf is the car for you!

Seriously, this car was an absolute nightmare from beginning to end. VW customer service is a joke, and the service techs are rude and condescending. Warranty sucked (2 years/24k miles), not that VW would let you use it anyway. EVERYTHING was due to driver wear and tear or error, and hence not covered by the warranty. Service is expensive and shoddy - parts are never in stock, and it takes forever to get an appointment. Then you get the joy of being treated rudely, or being told that a problem is normal or can't be reproduced by the techs working on your German monster.

VW has serious quality issues they need to address. These cars are unsafe, unreliable and overpriced. In three years of ownership, I had 1/2 dozen recalls, class action lawsuits to cover issues, and more "extended warranties" than I can count.

I am finally ride of my Oktoberfest edition Golf (though I'm quite sure I paid a premium for a Wolfsburg edition), and I'm driving a nice, boring, reliable Saturn again, which I love. Spare yourself the hassle and don't even test drive one of these things.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2004

21st Mar 2004, 18:33

It's a pity that you have had such a bad experience. I own a 2002 Golf TDI GL and have had no major problems to report.

Sometimes you just get a lemon!

29th Mar 2004, 13:31

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your golf.

I have a 2000 GLS, 5-speed manual. I bought it new, one of the first to come from Germany in the summer of 1999. Mine has had a lot of the same issues as yours--multiple O2 sensors, mass airflow sensor, uses a lot of oil, broken glove compartment hinge, some peeling of interior trim over time, and back doors that freeze up and won't open. And I do buy replacement bulbs in bulk.

But right now (March, 2004), I have 68,000 miles on the car and I still really love it. It has never let me down in any major mechanical way, it's still really fun to drive, and I can haul ridiculous amounts of stuff in it. Overall, it's been a really cool car.