2000 Volkswagen Golf tdi - 2 door 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


Poor value


Repaired back window washer jet.

Rear wiper blade too long (from the factory) wore paint off hatch back.

Repainted rear lid panel.

Windshield wiper arm loose.

Dash lights don't work.

Have replaced numerous head and tail light bulbs.

Replaced Mass air flow sensor.

Need to add diesel pump lubricant at each fill up - 4 litre jug @$40 (Canadian)

Replaced rear brake pads three times since purchase.

Replaced rear rotors.

Rubber seal around doors deteriorating.

VW insignia in center of wheel flew off somewhere. They're only glued on.

Passenger side seat release lever keeps coming off.

Premature replacement of tires.

Seats pill.

Shroud underneath engine ripped and cracked.

Aluminum oil pan - susceptible to fracture.

Floor mat snaps broken.

Bra trapped dirt and wore paint.

ABS died.

General Comments:

In traffic, visibility is poor for lane changing (blind spots)

In wet weather the outside mirrors are useless. Instead of the water running off it sits on the mirror impairing visibility

Takes forever for windshield to clear in cold weather.

The heat airflow distribution is poorly designed. To keep the windshield clear you forfeit warmth in the rest of the car.

Stereo system is not all its cracked up to be.

Parts are too expensive.

Poor overall paint quality.

Poor manufacturer and dealer service.

Compared to previously owned car the ergonomics make for uncomfortable long distance driving.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2004

2000 Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0 from North America


Shall never again buy a Volkswagen


The rear wiper worked or didn't work when it wanted without regard to switch position. This problem began after one year and got progressively worse. Dealer only found problem, after four complaints, when warranty expired.

Periodically, automatic door locks would unlock and interior lights would illuminate while driving car and stay on until motor turned off. First occurred during second year of ownership, frequency increased. Dealers never could/would locate problem.

Brakes locked, despite ABS. Dealers insisted they didn't.

Front seat cup holder replaced five times, thrice under warranty. Twice, I had to pay for it.

Oxygen sensor replaced four times. I was forced to pay for fourth time.

Brakes needed replacing at 22,000 miles. I'd never had to replace brakes short of 70,000 miles.

Ice accumulated inside driver door. Door buckled and curled back in lower front corner. Visits to three dealers, numerous phone calls to VW customer "care" and letters to Auburn Hills MI and Germany netted no action.

When traded in, seat and door trim were showing premature wear.

General Comments:

The seats were comfortable, though rear seat space is mean. The hatchback versatility and cargo capacity were great.

The engine (2.0l) was probably the least powerful I've ever driven, but did well enough. Average mileage was 28-31 with manual gearbox--not very good compared with Focus or Asian car makers. Shift was very smooth.

Until 2-3,000 miles, the handling was brilliant. Found myself at 50 mph on a cloverleaf ramp. After 2-3,000 miles, handling/ride deteriorated. Dealers insisted that handling and ride were normal.

While interior materials seemed more sturdy and solid than any car I'd owned before, for the first time, I had to replace or leave interior components in disrepair.

If Volkswagen had engineered and assembled this vehicle for durability and reliability, I'd have probably been a VW owner for life. Instead I feel as though I paid a premium price for sub-Korean quality.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

2000 Volkswagen Golf Tdi 1.9 from UK and Ireland


Expensive car, expensive costs, reputation not justified


Mass airflow sensor went month outside the warranty.

Central locking stopped working, consequently the petrol cap couldn't be opened

Brake light bulbs regularly burning out

Driver air bag sensor has had to be replaced 3 times in 1 year

Brake disk sensor stopped working after a year.

General Comments:

Performance reasonable and relatively good on fuel. I got about 46mpg on long journeys.

But when the dealers warranty expired I had no end of problems with the car.

There is definitely an electrical problem with it. The central locking fuse keeps blowing.

The Mass Air Flow sensor went, which I found was a common problem with VW turbo diesels. And cost 450euro to replace.

A dealer service cost about the same to my surprise.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 14:35

MAF Sensor (Mass Air Flow Meter) is very common fault across all the Diesel VW range. It has gone on all 3 VWs I have owned, Golf 3 GL TDi, Golf 4 GT TDi, and Passat PD TDi. There is nothing anyone can do about it! Strictly speaking it is Bosch who manufacturer these sensors so they are raking it in!! (money, money, money! (so not a bad business model!) )

4th Jul 2005, 14:31

My mass air flow sensor went out on my 2001 golf TDI at 60,000 miles while on a road trip, had 60% power loss, and that was no fun when climbing hills or passing. I was able to get most power back by unplugging it. It's right next to the air filter box. As long as it isn't bad for the car, I'll leave it unplugged till I can afford it.

15th Jan 2006, 12:07

I wouldn't recommend unplugging your airmass meter. You could end up melting your pistons! Dig deep and get a new one. Its cheaper than a new engine.