2000 Volkswagen Golf GL Rally 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, economical, solid and an all round great euro car


The car has been quite remarkable in terms of problems.

There has been a problem with the fuel pump, and the service centre advised that instead of replacement (which would cost an arm and a leg) it will be fine if it does not go below 1/5 of a tank of petrol.

It can be quite vicious in dropping gear, especially if the accelerator is quickly depressed, though I think this feature is built in.

General Comments:

To be honest, the car has a distinct lack of power. However, that said, it still handles well (which it is designed to do ie, German autobahns) and I have had trouble getting the back to slide out, even in poor conditions.

The Rally option added extra comfort to the car, with nicer 'Recaro' type seats and alloy wheels, as well as darkened tail lights and floor mats.

The car is perfect for city driving, and slides into parking spots with ease. The lack of power is not really to much of an issue for city driving, however for those times where the extra punch will aid you in certain circumstances it can be disappointing .

Even though the shape is around 7 years old, it has still held its value and has not been outdated as quickly as its rivals, such as the Nissan Pulsar. The aesthetic appeal and shape adds an aura to the car.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2005

2000 Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0 from North America


I want to buy another Volkswagen!


Catalytic converter and both oxygen sensors broke at 62,000 miles.

One of the two glove box supports are broken.

Car burns a little oil, but isn't noticeable.

General Comments:

This car is very attractive inside and out.

It is a base model, and comes with power locks and a total of eight speakers for the stereo. The interior is wonderful!

I drive it very hard every day and in over two years, have only seen normal wear and tear.

The overall feel of driving this car is awesome. The suspension seems very nice.

Lots of cool features, and it's only a base model!

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Review Date: 4th July, 2005

2000 Volkswagen Golf SE 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Generally good, but poor locks and windows


Both door locks failed. Ring around the lock barrel snapped in both locks.

Window regulator failed on driver's side. Window clamps held onto regulator mechanism by two plastic clips (which snapped).

Random doors lock/unlock on activation of central locking.

Have replaced more brake-light bulbs than I care to remember.

General Comments:

Generally, the bulid quality of this car is good; it feels solid and I have not had any problems with the engine.

It's a shame that VW have cut corners with the locks and windows. Why would you possibly attach the window to the regulator with weak plastic clips?

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2005

2000 Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0 Gas from North America


The Worst P.O.S. I've Ever Owned!!!


O2 Sensor failed, twice.

Mass Airflow Sensor failed, and recalled.

Vacuum Lines/Hoses to just about everything replaced at 30k miles, and replaced again less than a year later.

Emissions Air Pump Wire Harness, failed.

The fuel door release button stopped working at 8k miles, so I called the dealer explaining how I needed this repaired right away, since I can't refuel the car. Dealer told me they can "squeeze me in" for an appointment in two weeks to take a look at my car then. Hello?!?! I had to diagnose the problem myself; it turned out to be a blown fuse.

Headlamps blew out, four times and counting.

Other lights blew out, too many times to count.

Main Drive-belt cracked and started breaking apart after just 35k miles.

Instrument Lights on the climate control panel, burned out twice, dealer can't fix it and now works only when it wants to.

Rear-passenger Cup Holders popped off by itself, three times and dealer can't fix.

Driver-seat Release Latch fell off.

Rear Brake Pads wore out very quick, VW issued a TSB about it, but they won't recall the defective pads.

Dashboard and Door-sill surfaces started peeling off after 3 years, even when the car was garaged at home and at work most of that time.

Various Squeaks and Rattles starting to come from all parts of the car.

"Check Engine" Light goes on so many times, I'm astonished that this bulb of all bulbs hasn't burned out yet.

General Comments:

I bought this Golf because I liked the way it drove. There's nothing quite like a German Road Car... when it's not sitting at the dealer.

This car is positively the most unreliable car (or anything else for that matter) I have ever owned.

I've had more problems with this one VW in 4.5 years than I've had with my other three cars (a Toyota, Nissan & Honda) in their combined 17 years.

The problems were never so bad that they ever left me stranded some place, but it is such a pain taking it in for repairs (not to mention maintenance) all the time.

The sticker price on my Golf GL was $14,995, and came with 2-years free maintenance. Plus half the repairs were covered under warranty and recalls. But even with all that, in 4.5 years, I've spent an additional $1,624 on maintenance and repairs!!!

I will never buy a Volkswagen again...

If I must get a Volkswagen, get two... so you have one to drive while the other one is at the repair shop.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

12th Jan 2008, 14:09

I completely agree that VW cannot build a car with a darn anymore. It's funny because I had a 1989 GTI 16v that was an amazingly reliable car. I bought it with 72,000 miles on it and finally sold it with 320,000 miles and it still ran fairly good at that point, but burned a lot of oil.

When I sold my beloved GTI I bought a 1996 Jetta GLX VR6 thinking it would eclipse the GTI in reliability! I thought the Jetta would be the most wonderful car I had ever owned... BOY was I WRONG!!

My 96' Jetta GLX was the WORST, Most Unreliable car I have EVER owned in my life. SO many problems with everything you can imagine, engine, transmission, etc. I finally sold it and it DIED on the guy who bought it from me only 2 months after I sold it. I felt horrible but I did warn him when he bought it of the problems I had and the $3000+ I had put into the car, but we both agreed that it ran find when he test drove it.

This is the worst part, the thing runs GREAT for a little while then MAJOR problems come up with no warning. You could be driving along and BAM! Something just breaks out of the blue and you could be stranded 100 miles from home.

Owning a VW is a nerve wrecking experience. Never again will I own a VW product.

25th Oct 2008, 07:04

A big LOL while reading these comments! I'm so glad I found this site before buying my first used car. Definitely staying away from the Golf!