2002 Volkswagen Golf GLS from North America


I love to drive this car, but the oil consumption isn't worth it


Consuming too much oil at 5,000 miles.

General Comments:

I have been having a oil consumption test ongoing for almost a year. The car is consistently using 1 quart of oil every 1500-1700 miles. Volkswagen refuses too inspect the engine unless it consumes 1 quart of oil with in 1000 miles. I am over by 500 miles and they still refuse to look into the issue. I can't even make it to a 3,000 mile oil change with out having to put oil in, and they recommend oil changes every 5,000 miles. I asked every service agent (even the service manager) how often they check the oil in their car and they all said they don't. That's because they don't have to. What's up with that. Has anyone else had any luck getting Volkswagen to look into this problem? I am seriously looking at taking this to the press and showing other people how poor the customer service is for Volkswagen and that they are not the only ones out there.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 21:03

There is something wrong with the latest 2.0 VW engine. We have a 1998 Jetta GT 2.0 which comsumes almost no oil. That is the last of the "Boxy" looking Jettas, pre-1999. I add about 1/2 quart of oil in 5,000 miles. The car has almost 80,000 miles on it. I also had a 1988 Fox 1.8 which did not use any oil either, even after 200,000+ miles. There was slight changes the 2.0 engine when the newer 1999 and later Jetta body came about. With the new styling came the oil consumption problem that the local dealer admits to. It was not there in the earlier cars.

9th Nov 2004, 09:44

We have a 2002 Golf GLS and were shocked by the oil consumption as well (close to 1 quart per 1000 miles). After doing some online research into this phenomenon, its seems to be "normal" for the Golf. I contacted our dealer/mechanic and he tried to convince me that this was perfectly normal (as if ALL cars did this!). I also contacted the state of Massachusetts to see if they were concerned about the emissions/pollution this was creating. They said as long as it met emissions standards, it was fine with them. Our oil consumption has dropped somewhat, but the oil light did come on (again) the other day...

6th Jul 2005, 19:50

2001 VW Jetta, 60k miles 1QT of oil/1000miles since it was new. Seems to be burning up my exhaust system because so much oil is being shot out of engine.

28th Nov 2005, 14:25

I too have had problems getting to a 3,000 mile oil change with no loss of oil. I seem to be at least a quart low every trip to Valvoline.

Has anyone seen this affecting the performance of the exhaust system/emissions? Causing the car to shake slightly upon startup or a "chopper" type sound during acceleration?

2002 Volkswagen Golf from North America


Oil light comes on daily regardless of oil level.

Cheap interior. what do you expect for 19,000$. Plastic is pealing away in certain areas, rattles and cabin noise, but not horrible.

Stereo replaced by dealer within first week. They were very helpful and had a new system in within an hour.

General Comments:

The golf GLS is a practical car. Its very functional with loads of space for a little guy and enough zip to get you into traffic, but not really fun in a sporty sense. Gas Millage is good and overall I am satisfied with the car. Just not fast enough to keep me happy so I got an 2002 Audi s4. Great car, but I returned it. Speed is great, but for now I'll keep my 32,000K for another day. You can thrash on the Golf and not feel bad about it. Realiable...

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Review Date: 12th July, 2004