2002 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 from Oman




Since I bought the car I had a noisy sound coming out of the window. I have been told by the dealer it is a normal sound, but I know it is not! I have driven a Golf in Germany before I purchased my car and it was fantastic!

General Comments:

I think this is a fantastic car very reliable, and I really love it.

The only annoying thing is the window noise and the stupid dealer who cannot figure how to eliminate this noise.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2006

2002 Volkswagen Golf GLX from Australia and New Zealand


Looks great and is practical, but it's durability and unreliability has put me off VW for good


Break light bulb blew out twice within 12 months of purchase. Glove compartment door opens when the car hits a slight bump. Catalytic converter had to be replaced after 54000kms.

General Comments:

The Golf drive is very solid and is remarkably quiet at high speeds. I haver driven the Golf TDI up to 195km/h in the rain and felt safe. Compared to other similar sized cars, the road noise level from within is very low. the aerodynamics of the car are excellent.

The handling of the Golf is just average. At high speeds around the corner, the car suffers from under-steer. This may be due to the tyre selection though.

I think the Golf is a great looking car with a classy interior.

It is a very roomy and practical car with surprisingly large luggage space. G.

The main complaint I have with the Golf is that VW seem to have saved costs by installing cheap parts in certain areas. There is always something that has to be fixed whenever I bring it in for service. Moreover, the catalytic converter had to be replaced after 54,000km. I drove my Ford Telstar much harder for five years and 97,000km and did not have any problems. I do not see the Golf VW lasting as long as the Ford. Which is a shame, since I bought the car with the impression that since it is a German car, it must be durable.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

31st Mar 2006, 12:27

Unfortunately, while VW has a reputation for building solid cars with first rate interiors, they don't seem to be too reliable. Something that's harmed VW's reputation in the States.

3rd Nov 2012, 16:56

I have just read your comments, and cannot agree with you, as these are minor issues. My question is what do you expect from a car in terms of running costs? To replace a bulb on a mk4 headlamp is $5 and 5 minutes labour.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GT TDi 1.9 130bhp from UK and Ireland


A excellent car - highly recommended


CD player jammed disc first month.

Door courtesy light holder.

... and that is all in +60000 miles.

General Comments:

The mark IV Golf GT TDi 130 is an outstanding car. It is seriously fast yet amazingly economical (53 mpg over +60000 miles). Motorway driving is great 90mph at approx. 2500rpm!

Very comfortable, but the handling could be a little more involving - easily fixed though with a non-VW handling kit.

Furthermore it has the best sound system I have even had - 8 quality speakers and crystal clear quality. Comfort is further enhanced by an excellent climate control system (although when air con is used it noticeably effects mpg, but not performance)

I look forward to the next 60000 miles with hopefully the same standard of reliability.

(PS No oil consumption problems as reported by other owners. If fact I have never had to add any oil between services.)

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

31st Jan 2006, 15:06

Hard to believe this could have come off the same production line as my old one. Same year, same model, same engine. Eleven faults in the first year, including two on delivery, oil consumption problems, electrical faults, build problems and water leaks inside.

Drove the car to the dealer, parked it up outside, rang the finance company from the sales manager's desk and cancelled the agreement (just past the half way point so perfectly legal). Turned around and walked out, that being the last time I ever saw the car or the dealer.

Would never touch a VW (or Audi, Skoda, Seat) again.