2002 Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0 gas from North America


A very good looking, almost sporty car!


Nothing has gone wrong yet.

Rear and side visibility is greatly reduced by the car's back seat headrests... use caution when changing lanes.

General Comments:

Although I've only had this vehicle for two weeks, I have fallen in love with this car!

This Golf is very peppy off the line and for city driving however highway driving is extremely average.

The Golf is a very well built car and the fit and finish is awesome.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

2002 Volkswagen Golf from UK and Ireland


Paint job is pathetic. There are already signs of rust.

Gears too stiff and unable to rectiy after two attempts by dealer.

Over-rated disappointment for too much money. Can get twice as much car with half the cost at other manufactureres.

Never Again.

Very very Poor customer care and for that one reason alone I will get rid of this car and buy anything else.

Never been cheated and humiliated as much as I was in Cooks VW Gillingham dealership.

General Comments:

Pathetic dealership and customer care especially Cooks VW Gillingham.


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Review Date: 29th June, 2003

2002 Volkswagen Golf Comfortline 2.0 gasoline from Mexico


Highly recommended


There has just came out a little sound from the dashboard, typical of the brand.

In the mornings, the DRIVE position of the gear selector won't enter, but until the 2nd time you try.

Sometimes the alarm doesn't sound when put on.

General Comments:

Great German.

Very comfortable, you can drive fast if you want and it handles better than some others that tell themselves sport.

The details that have came out are definitely not important.

There is nothing better than a Golf. Low cost, easy and fun to drive, you can drive fast safe, good brakes, super reliable. Do anything, go everywhere.

Enough passenger space and huge boot for a hatch.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003

2002 Volkswagen Golf GT TDI 130 1.9 turbo diesel 130PS from UK and Ireland


Storming engine, good economy, disappointing build quality


Mostly build niggles - rattles from glovebox, passenger seat, steering column, paint chipped on B-pillar where door has dropped slightly and chafes.

Uneven rear tyre wear which was resolved under warranty. Had to argue to get the tyres changed as well though!

CD player started skipping and was replaced

Considerable appetite for engine oil for the first 3000 miles, but has settled now.

General Comments:

The best thing about this car is the engine. It's smooth, reliable, economical (48 mpg average, 55 best) and delivers mid range acceleration which quite frankly beggars belief. It feels hot hatch quick through the gears, and the shove between 1700 and 4000 is enough to press you firmly into the seat. It does however make me wonder why they fitted a six speed gearbox to an engine which really doesn't care what gear it is in.

So, it rocks in a straight line, but when the going gets twisty, the Golf isn't so impressive. It rolls a bit, and the whole car feels lardy and ponderous after my old 306 D Turbo, with steering which lacks the weight and precision of the Pug's, and with understeer in corners at speeds which the Pug wouldn't even have sniffed at. That said, most of my driving nowadays is motorways and open A-roads, at which the Golf excels. It rides nicely, is beautifully refined, and that mid range grunt makes overtaking a doddle. Costs peanuts to run too when you combine the fuel consumption with the way these things hold their value.

The Golf looks brilliantly finished with nice soft feel plastics inside, and a typically Germanic layout to the controls, meaning orderly, neat, but not the last word in excitement. That said, the beautiful blue and red instrument illumination is a work of art. Unfortunately its durability and quality don't seem to go more than skin deep, my car having suffered a multitude of build and trim niggles which are frankly unacceptable on a car which is sold on the back of its high quality reputation. Especially as it commands a hefty price premium over its rivals. This car has more rattles and squeaks at 26,000 miles than my old 306 D-Turbo had at 75,000 miles when I sold it. Don't think much of the dealers either who are clearly enjoying the sales success of VW and feel they don't need to bother looking after customers.

Overall though I am pleased with the Golf. The diesel engine is not just good by diesel standards, but can be classed as a good engine in its own right, such is its grunt and flexibility. It's a fast, refined little car which does everything (except back road blasts) brilliantly. I just wish it was built better, or that it was priced in line with its rivals. Good car though.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2003

10th Feb 2004, 07:55

All VW Pumpe Duse engines consume large amounts of oil in their "running in" stages, it is a well known trait. If you had taken the time to read your handbook it tells you that it uses 1 litre per 1000KM for the first 5000KM.

11th Dec 2007, 08:11

I drove one the other day for the first time. Impressive performance at first, until you realise it's purely down to mapping. Accelerator response is not linear, with a big dollop of power in the first inches of travel, and then nothing afterwards. Similar with the rev range - all the power comes in with a rush and then is gone by 3500 RPM. I guess it suits the way some people drive, but these are not quick cars so much as quick feeling, particularly in the higher gears where they can feel almost exciting in the right situation.

Refinement of the PD design is truly awful by modern diesel standards too, with the gruff clatter of diesels of yesteryear, but in fairness these engines ARE diesels of yesteryear, and arguably were better than anything around at the time; I would agree with that.

As for the engine being impressive by diesel standards; maybe 5 years ago, but not today. Drive a 1.9/2.0 dCi Renault and compare refinement, or a 320d BMW and compare performance. Even the new 2.0 TDI VW unit is miles off the pace in these areas.

The game has moved on. I wonder when used values will?