2002 Volkswagen Golf GTi 1.8T from Indonesia


An entertaining, and comfortably fast car


Left front door is squeaking.

Radio reception isn't as good as it is used to.

General Comments:

Generally, the car is a good hatchback.

It is comfortable, fast, unique, well built and somewhat entertaining. It is also has enough luxury for a hatch.

However, its doesn't have the best gearbox in the world, as the gearbox is far from smooth and refinement.

The steering isn't very good also, it's uninspiring and undeniably tiring, especially when parking and cornering.

The car also has problems with the rear view mirrors as it is slightly too wide.

But, other than that, I'm very satisfied with the car. Mainly, because of its practicality, performance, comfort, reliability, and its Volkswagen badge. Maybe it is not the best hot hatch in the world, but it surely is a good one.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2002

4th Feb 2004, 04:01

Is the gearbox really that bad?

I'm also in Indonesia and I'm currently very happy with my 1.8T GTI... it is just like you said, fast, unique and entertaining.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GT TDi (130 bhp) 1.7 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A high performance bargain



General Comments:

The car has been flawless from day one. The car boasts averages of well over fifty miles per gallon combined motorway and around town. I can honestly say that I have never seen it achieve less than 28.9 miles per gallon. The car has superb handling and acceleration and the sports seats are very comfortable. The car came with a solid set of speakers (though disappointing head unit), most of which I did not have to upgrade. Even with a 1000 watt sub-woofer in the back the car hasn't rattled. Build quality rivals that of my old BMW. Though it's not a BMW it's an excellent run about. I'd say £15,000 well spent.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2002

1st Feb 2003, 15:23

I completely agree with you! The Golf in my opinion is way better than the Audi A3.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GT TDI 1.9 PD 130bhp from UK and Ireland


An economical rocket


Excessive oil consumption during the first 10,000 miles. Used over 2 litres.

General Comments:

Excellent car, very fast, comfortable and fun to drive. An infinitely better drive than the 2.0 petrol GTI.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2002

2002 Volkswagen Golf V5 2.3 V5 170 from UK and Ireland


Is German build quality slipping?


Car was delivered with missing dashboard trim.

Standard dash mounted 6CD changer was very unreliable and has been replaced.

Engine makes some very strange noises during gear changes and when decelerating - dealer cannot determine the cause.

The car was delivered with all these problems.

General Comments:

The engine has a bit of a dual personality. Sometimes its really smooth and others like a sack of spanners.

Performance is good although I think the optional sports suspension (only £150) is a must with this engine - car still rides well in normal driving, but doesn't suffer from the same extent of sloppy handling which characterises Golfs.

Fuel economy is improving all the time and is quite respectable for an engine of this size.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2002

20th Oct 2002, 07:10

As a fleet manager for a company running 64 cars, my own experience is that the fabled "German build quality" is actually quite misleading. Of our current fleet (comprising among others, 8 Golfs/Boras and 10 Focuses with between 40k and 85k on each car), I can report that the Golfs have proven no more reliable or "better built" than the Focuses. Granted, the residual values are better on the German cars, but this is almost cancelled out over the term of ownership by the higher servicing and maintenance costs. I don't think it's so much that German quality is slipping, but that the competition has drastically improved. I also think our high expectations of German cars are partly to blame. VW's and the like are not perfect, despite what certain sections of the motoring press would have you believe.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GT TDi PD 1.9 turbo diesel 150bhp from UK and Ireland


Diesel powered rocket-ship. Well impressed


No faults.

General Comments:

Storming engine - a diesel that gives true hot hatch grunt with an almost supercar-like mid range! Sounds a bit like a tractor when cold, but always returns a steady 48-50 mpg no matter how it's driven. Entertaining chuffing and hissing noises from the turbo installation too.

Chassis is only OK. Puma would blow it away in the corners, although it's hardly a secret that the Golf GTI has become a bit of a lardy tourer these days. Not horrendous, but easily the car's weakest point.

Quality interior is a delight. Lovely Recaros and the grooviest instrument lighting on the planet. A nice place to be.

Reliability top notch so far. Never needed to see the dealer, and the first service is still a little way away.

Heavy on front tyres. All that torque and weight seems to be taking its toll. Fronts probably only have another 1,000 miles left in them.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2002

30th Aug 2002, 16:03

I have just sold my 110bhp Peugeot 406 HDi and am still 6 weeks away from delivery of my 150bhp Golf GT TDi with full leather Recaro trim. I can`t wait!!! I have a hired 1.4 litre petrol Nissan Almera which I believe will certainly make me appreciate the Golf when it finally arrives.

I have driven a demo model in the dealership and can safely say it is the most impressive diesel car on the market. My best mate has a `02 GTI and, although the figures would suggest otherwise, I believe the GT TDi to be a more powerful car with a marginally quicker 0 - 60 and obviously a lot more torque. With a power band starting at 1900 rpm the power starts to be delivered exactly where you need. In actual fact I think VW should market this as a safety feature... My wife is delighted that there will be no more brown skid marks on my boxers after hairy overtaking. I will leave a more detailed account of this car after a month of ownership, although I do feel that the 9/10 might have been a 10/10 had you invested in the sexy leather.