2004 Volkswagen Golf Mk5 TDI 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


This is a faulty model


The flywheel collapsed at 22,000 miles. The car was not drivable, so could not be taken back to the dealer for repair. The flywheel was replaced with a Volkswagen part, and the cost was half that of the dealership quotation.

The dealer contacted Volkswagen, who refused any contribution towards the cost of the replacement, even though the car was just days out of warranty when the fault occurred, and the dealership admitted that the flywheel is a common fault on this model.

We were told that the Mark5 model had not been recalled by VW, as there was not a safety issue. It seem the customer has to pay through the nose for a VW fault.

'Customer Care' - none

Goodwill - none

General Comments:

Otherwise satisfactory.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

2004 Volkswagen Golf 2.0S 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Absolute rubbish car and service, will never again buy VW


Had it about a week when the trip computer threw a hissy fit and started bonging and reading "service due in 2000 miles" - this with 500 miles on the clock. Visit to the dealer to re-set the computer. The service interval warning is still a nuisance as it keeps beeping at you from 2000 miles to service onwards.

In the cold weather the central locking would not operate and the alarm didn't work. Eventually traced down to a faulty ignition lock which couldn't tell if the key was in or out.

Rattle from driver's door - never cured, dealer just made it worse

A few weeks on, driving in a thunderstorm and the driver's door seal leaked all over my right knee. New door seal, adjust locks and hinges and another two visits to the dealer to sort it.

A couple of months later the engine overheated. Limped in to the dealer who diagnosed a failed water pump - but couldn't lend me a courtesy car (surprise - not).

A week later, the engine didn't get warm - failed thermostat stuck open, and another two hours sitting in the dealer showroom - no courtesy car available again.

Another month down the line and it developed brake shudder. Another dealer visit and the dealer diagnosed warped brake discs - MY fault according to the dealer who promptly ripped me off for a couple of hundred of my hard earned - and no courtesy car...

By this time the wife thought I was having an affair with the dealer receptionist.

Then the drivers seat came apart (no courtesy car), the clutch cable had to be replaced (no courtesy car), tyres wore unevenly - my fault again, the driver's window winder broke (no courtesy...), the passenger door leaked water, air mass meter failed and probably some other things I've forgotten by now.

Did I mention that I could never get a courtesy car?

General Comments:

Two litre slug on wheels. Minimal grip, lots of understeer on minor roads and rolled like a pig in a mud hole.

Seats too hard for long trips.

Made the kids car sick on bumpy roads (never happened before)

Fuel consumption 35-37mpg at best driving with an egg under my foot (my Cavalier did over 40 and was a bigger car). When pushed, fuel consumption was no more than 33-34mpg.

Struggled on motorway hills when laden

It looked great inside and out, but the quality was abysmal and the dealers were having a laugh at my expense.

Sold it last week and bought a Honda Accord.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2006

31st Dec 2006, 00:12

When you buy your VW you and go to F&I there is a insurance you can buy additional that will provide a courtesy car. Maybe you should check into that next time. The dealer is not going to give you a courtesy car just because you opted not to buy additional insurance.