2006 Volkswagen Golf Comfortline 2.0FSI from Australia and New Zealand


A great all-rounder with a few minor faults


A plethora of squeaks and rattles from new, including a high pitch squeak coming from the right-hand side rear door that could not be rectified by the dealer. Suggested we turn up the music volume when driving.

Heated mirror behaviour could not be explained by the dealer - driver's side mirror gets ever-so-slightly warm when heating is switched on, however passenger side gets too hot to touch. Dealer attempted to fix several times with no success, scratching the mirror in the process, which later had to be resprayed (under warranty). Problem still unresolved.

General Comments:

The Golf is still considered a very well built car, and it does not disappoint. The current car was made is South Africa and does suffer from a few problems as listed above, however these problems are generally outweighed by the brilliant engineering that went into the design of the Golf.

Everything about the car met and exceeded the expectations - the ride, which is firm yet not uncomfortable, the handling, which is facilitated by an electric power steering that adjusts the force on the steering wheel depending on the speed of the car, and a large number of little pleasant gadgets such as rain sensors, automatic head-lights, all four auto-function electric windows, semi-automatic air-conditioning, etc.

The cabin is much roomier than one would anticipate and can comfortably accommodate 4 adults and a child.

The high safety rating proves this car to be a great alternative to standard heavy Australian family sedans with unnecessarily large engines and lack of refinement.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2007

2006 Volkswagen Golf GT TDi 140 2.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Shame about the build quality and dealerships, but otherwise a good car


-Firstly, I picked up on a drivers door alignment issue on the second day of ownership. Around the top corner where it meets the front wing, it tapered out like someone had bent the body panel. Dealer attempted to 're-align' three times in order to cover up the problem, but on the fourth attempt they resprayed the door and wing in order to fix it. I 'REJECTED' this car as I had discussed that I didn't want any such remedial technique involving repainting...

-Secondly, rattles from passenger door, scuffs/pulls in numerous places on the interior, vibrating clutch pedal - poor. I was glad to get rid and accept a replacement car!

-I'm on my second Golf now and the door alignment isn't perfect, but much better than previous. I've come to accept it as they all seem to be like this (on 3 door models especially).

Again rattles from drivers door and seat belt latch.

To top it all off while my car was in having some of the niggles sorted the dealer managed to put a nice dent in my rear wing!

General Comments:

-The car performance is impressive for a diesel.

-Very torquey engine.

-1st gear seems a bit dead, but once in 2nd it flies. This is my second now so I know this is the norm.

-Handling is very impressive. Sticks to twisties quite satisfying.

-Fuel economy is good - seeing 50mpg while running it in.

-It's very quiet on the motorway - a big mile muncher.

-Very comfortable, easy to control at slow speed. -Ideal in today's crawling traffic queues.

-Gearbox is nice and slick.

-Loads of gadgets.

-Nice shape.

-Niggles are annoying.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2006

28th Apr 2007, 00:01

I owned a 2005 Polo TDI and got shot of it after 6 months. Constant niggling problems and the most unsympathetic and arrogant dealer network I've ever experienced (and I've owned Fords and Renaults)

VW are living off their reputation which in my experience is no longer deserved. There are better cars out there for less money. You're paying for a badge.

2006 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI from Australia and New Zealand


Superbly economical and fun to drive


Rear reversing light failed after 5000kms

Handbrake release button rattles furiously.

General Comments:

Great car. Really economical, handles well, well constructed and designed.

I have the standard suspension which is very firm. I can understand comments that the sport suspension is too firm.

What I don't get is the comments on build quality. So far it has been virtually faultless and made from quality materials. Those complaining need to try a Japanese car or a Mercedes even.

Performance is OK - it won't thrill, but is decent for such a small engine. Only engine flaw is the turbo lag. It takes some getting used to and is slightly annoying.

The 6 speed DSG transmission is the best of this type of have tried. Being a 6 speed and a diesel with a narrow power band it requires very rapid changes, which limit the appeal of manual gear changes.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2006

2006 Volkswagen Golf TDI 2.0 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent, the GTI is next on my list


Nothing wrong! It is pretty new though...

General Comments:

Very happy with performance of diesel DSG engine, it pulls amazingly in all gears.

Can't believe the space inside, compared to my Outback there is not a lot of difference in the cabin.

Tyres screech (which can be fun) never happened in my last 5 subarus...

I read one reviewer complained of a bumpy ride, Its certainly not as smooth as my Suby on country roads, but around town the drive is great.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

2nd Apr 2006, 12:54

Good to hear you have been experiencing a reliable VW. I really really want to get a Golf GTI (now on sale here in the States) but I am really afraid of having to take it to the dealer every month, if every week.

We'll see if VW has really changed things.