3rd Apr 2006, 11:16

Let's see this particular car get a few miles on the odometer before we call it "reliable".

4th Mar 2007, 17:40

I live in the UK... and last night I was driving along minding my buisness.. when out of no-wear came a rather stupid VW GOLF driver... nice looking car... brand new(2007)..only problem was, he thought he was king of the road... he was drving along CUTTING everyone up.. so I just carried on driving, came to the dual carriage way.. and I thought I have had enough of him.. so I put my foot down... and caught up with him... I came up to the roundabout.. and he almost took the side of my car out.. so I pulled in front if him and he COULD NOT KEEP UP WITH ME... so now you see MR GOLF driver you may think you are cool in your Golf.. but you're not... and that goes for every GOLF driver on this planet.. and by the way I was driving a BRAND NEW DODGE CALIBER..2L CVT..PETROL...I hope he had a good look at my car.. I have just read a posting on this website.. relating to the DODGE CALIBER.. where a VW driver thinks he has a better car... DREAM ON.

5th Mar 2007, 16:58

My comment as well as the comment above it belongs in the "off-topic" section, but in response:

Do you know how poorly the Dodge Caliber has been rated by almost every single magazine that tests it?

Have you sat in the interior of a VW Golf and then sat in your Caliber?

Let's talk about resale, interior quality, long-term durability and level the playing field.

6th Mar 2007, 08:40

Actually, in the UK, you probably cheered the (possible hire car) Golf driver up by showing that somebody actually brought the Dodge. It was also probably a 1.4 Golf and therfore - hopefully - the Dodge would be quicker. You poor sole. Wait until you sell it... You would wish that you'll be a Golf driver!!!

26th Jun 2007, 09:55

Genius Dodge post. You must be a solicitor, doctor or architect. Image-conscious Golf owners will be defecting to Dodge dealerships in droves to pick up a beautiful, lightning-fast 2.0 (automatic) Dodge Caliber.

Heartening to see there are still people who deal with selfish driving by getting road rage themselves. Great use of shouty Caps Lock too, -people reading the post on their screens just can't see you bang your own shoe on the keyboard to emphasise your point.