2007 Volkswagen Golf GT Sport 1.4 TSI from Greece


Pleasure to own


There has been nothing wrong with the car thus far.

General Comments:

This car is quick. I have the 140bhp version, which can outperform a wide range of other cars, not only in acceleration, but in round corners going as well.

The space is more than good, and the car is very comfortable for long trips.

The fuel consumption depends highly upon your driving. If you step on the accelerator, you really go, but the car uses up a lot of petrol.

The brakes are something to be proud about.

The sound insulation of the car is exemplary, although the tires (Michelin) tend to send too much noise back at the cabin.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2008

22nd Apr 2008, 05:49

I have the Jetta 2008, same engine 1,4TSI 140bhp. Absolutely wonderful engine, it thrashes any car with the same rated power, and it has just humiliated a vw Bora with the 150bhp TDI engine... The sound is excellent as well, I just love the mixture between the compressor wining and the turbo whistle, especially when the by-pass valve opens every time you release the throttle. There is still some turbo lag that prevents you from balancing the car nicely through a bend with the throttle, but the overall result is great anyway.

The car itself sticks to the road, build quality is as always very good with VW's, the only complaint is the left foot rest... It is 2cm too close, I cannot understand how this major design flaw was left to reach the series production car... Anyway, I have to admit that even if I had realised it during the drive test I would have still bought the car because it is so nicely engineered, and there is absolutely nothing on the market to have an engine that comes even close to this...

My car has 5000km now, I am planning an oil change, I would have to be mad and stupid to listen to them and wait until 15000km...

2007 Volkswagen Golf GT 2.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Has that solid feel to it when behind the wheel


I have only owned this car for 3 months, therefore this review is only based on this limited time.

So far so good.

General Comments:

Economical; over 50mpg on A and B roads. Motorway mpg has got to be better, but I've not yet been on the motorway

Great for overtaking

Paintwork is thin

Overall very pleased.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2007