2009 Volkswagen Golf GT 2.0 TDi 140 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Better than the Mk5


ESP failure warning, which caused the car to cut out whilst carrying out a turn in the road. A strange fault, and one that has not re-occurred since.

Rattle from drivers sunvisor, which is at odds with the solidity of the rest of the interior.

General Comments:

I was fortunate enough recently to have the opportunity to swap my 2008 Golf Mk5 Bluemotion Match 5 door company vehicle for a 4 month old Mk6 2.0 TDi GT 5 door.

Simply put, the Mk6 is better than the Mk5. VW have mainly succeeded in improving the all-round perceived quality, and have most definitely improved noise refinement. The new CR engine is so quiet compared to the old PD units, it's difficult to believe at times that there is a diesel under the bonnet. My old 1.9 PD was horrifically noisy by comparison. It definitely drives better than the Mk5, and overall feels more solid on the road.

One criticism I have of the way it drives is its inconsistent throttle response. Sometimes it feels extremely punchy, other times it can feel strained and strangely underpowered for what is a relatively powerful modern turbo diesel. I am sure this will improve with use.

Another criticism I have is that on closer inspection, the cost cutting that Volkswagen have undertaken to make the vehicle cheaper to produce is visible.

The rear C pillars are now plastic rather than soft touch items, and the boot plastic is now black, which shows against the roof lining.

Even more evident is the fact that the basic stereo retains the blue backlighting, which has been shunned from the dials. Frankly it does look pretty cheap, and I suppose it is pushing many private VW customers to go down the route of ticking the touchscreen hi-fi upgrade options (clever VW). Also I think it is a bit cheap not to provide dual zone climate on the GT.

Other than the ESP problem, that fortunately has not reared its ugly head again, it's been the ideal company vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2010

27th Jul 2010, 06:33

15000 mile update.

Car is performing admirably. Not a single thing has gone wrong since my last update, the only maintenance required has been to stick a litre of oil in it (after being warned of low oil level). It also needs a new set of Potenza RE050's on the front, but 15k on a set of fronts on a car like this really isn't bad at all.

Build quality is extremely good... had a Focus hire car a few weeks ago and it really brought home how well bolted together the Golf is, more so the quality of the plastics used. I think I was a little unfair on it in my earlier reviews.

The stand out point is how much better the motor is now performing. It would appear that these new CR engines get better with some miles under the belt. Once you have gotten out of the mindset of driving it like a traditional diesel (using the revs - up to approx 4-4.2k rather than short shifting into high gears), it really is rather quick. It's refinement and economy (now easily averaging late 40's/early 50's on a short run) has improved somewhat and is very impressive.

Over the last 5K it really has impressed and has genuinely been faultless in every way. In my last review I really did not think this would be the case. As I've mentioned before, my vehicle is a company car so I think it's probably having a harder life than it would have done if it were my own car (it is well looked after, but I do a lot of long distance driving in it, I'm really not that gentle with it and it's not washed that often!); that it's been this good is testament to how good a car it is. I hope it is still this good at 30K.

I really cannot commend the MK6 Golf enough. I still think they are too expensive (particularly the CR diesels) new and think that VW should address their pricing strategy. The equivalent A3 costs similar money. The way things stand, if it were my own money I'd probably still buy the Audi out of principle even though the Golf probably is dynamically the better car.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Highline 2.0 turbo diesel from Italy


Wonderful car!!


Steering suddenly became 'sticky'. It is not smooth, and feels like it sticks in the centre position. The was after 15,000km.

General Comments:

Couldn't have been more pleased with the car..! Very economical (average 5L/100km), it's comfortable, the build quality is excellent. It's the 110bhp so not very fast, but still good and handles very well. Plenty of space inside. Boot is good. Seats not perfect - not enough under-leg support and it doesn't adjust in the way they need too - especially tilt.

Usual problems with dealers in Italy. Lack of information, assume you know nothing about cars so try to charge for everything they can dream of. They said the steering was probably the tracking.. unlikely as it only happens when the car gets warm. So, they kept us waiting for three and half hours and then told us it didn't solve it. It's the rack which will be replaced under warranty. But then they charged us 77 euros for doing the tacking!!! Was their wrong diagnosis.. Once they replace the rack, we'll argue this point with VW. They also charge 30 euros a day for leaving the car with them when they fix it.. What??! That's very imaginative of them.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2010

9th Jul 2010, 10:14

** UPDATE **

Steering was fixed with no drama and no charge. Now it's perfect. Did 1,200km in one day last week and it was faultless. Fuel economy is incredible! On the highway at around 130kph, get 4.8ltr/100km no problem.

Had its first service - was around 240 euros, and the next one is at 50,000km!

A really great car. Much better quality than anything Japan can produce. No annoying buzzers and beeps to tell you the door's open or the key is in the ignition.. Everything is at hand and works well. Seats are very comfortable, even on long journeys, and the boot is a good size.

Only things it lacks: a place to plug in a memory stick for MP3 and a cigar lighter in the back for the kids stuff - DVD, iPods, etc.

12th Jan 2011, 03:51

::Update 2::

Steering has gone again after one year (the car is now 18 months old). Took it to VW Asti (Negro) they kept it for a whole day and said there was no problem with it... Like I have nothing better to do! They said it was probably the road surface or snow tyres! Wrote to VW Italia and the said to take it back. It's going in on Friday (different garage), they think it might be a software problem. Not so sure about that. More wasted time and a car that drives like a nightmare when it's warm.

Otherwise perfect. We just got a bad one it seems, still very economical. Done 50,000km.

16th Jan 2012, 08:10

::UPDATE 3::

The car has now done 83,000km and has had two new steering boxes; now it's gone again! VW Italy aren't interested, as the warranty is out, but the car has always had the same issue.

I've now written to VW Germany in the hope of getting it fixed properly. I really regret spending so much on a car. I could have bought an Alfa MiTo for half the price. With the devaluation of the Golf, I could have scrapped the MiTo now and be in the same position, but with a car that works.. The Golf is a really great car, but mine is a DOG. Everything else is perfect, really. I just got a bad one. Next time: Buy something cheaper..

2009 Volkswagen Golf from North America


Great little car that runs smoothly


Gas cap was a bit sticky at first. Took a couple of 'lock/unlock' tries to get it working properly.

Window seal warped during summer heat.

All was fixed promptly and under warranty.

General Comments:

Great little car!

Runs very smoothly.

'Sports' gear makes the car run even better when on highways.

Comfort is good, although arm rests would have been nice.

Larger side mirrors would also have been appreciated.

Great trunk space.

Overall, I love my Golf and am completely satisfied with it.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2009