2009 Volkswagen Golf R32 MkV 3.2 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking, relatively quick, reliable


Ignition motor - fixed by warranty in 2nd year of ownership.

Headlight motor in 4th year of ownership - cost $1000 to fix.

When the back window is down, the sound inside the car was as if a helicopter was nearby...

Other than that - nothing.

General Comments:

First car I ever bought new. The sound of the engine/exhaust is the best I have ever heard on a car less than $150 000. Always looked forward to hearing the car in a tunnel.

The car had a DSG transmission - which didn't have a good reputation (look up mechatronics issues with DSG), but I never experienced any problems with it. The DSG was so smooth and shifts were really quick.

The suspension in the car was firm but still comfortable; much better than the STI I drive now.

In terms of space, the boot was big, the back seats folded down and I could fit almost anything in the boot.

The car had satellite navigation (RNS 510) which I installed myself. I was quite pleased with the navigation, and the quality of the LCD display was very high (as most people commented).

In terms of performance, 0-100km/hr was predictably reached in 6.1 secs using launch control (6.3 secs just in Sport mode, 6.5 secs in D mode). It was quite surprising in terms of the cars it beats at the lights. Low down torque was really impressive - overtaking in traffic was one of its strong points.

Leather seats were standard in Aussie cars, and they were quite comfortable and long lasting (as long as you treat the leather monthly). Only problem with the leather seats were that they got pretty hot in summer. On that note, the heated seats worked a charm in winter.

The only reason why I sold it was because I wanted something a bit faster (hence the STI).

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2014

2009 Volkswagen Golf TDI S 90 1.6 90 bhp turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Still the best small hatchback money can buy!



Occasionally a warning light comes on, but the light relates to something not fitted to this specification vehicle! After restarting, the light goes out again. So far, this is not a problem.

General Comments:

Wife's car. Owned for 2.5 years.

Base spec 90 BHP 1.6 diesel. Performance is adequate and the car can be hustled along nicely if needs be. Acceleration is adequate for normal everyday use, and it can overtake happily.

The 1.6 TDI is rough below 1500 RPM, and you need to make use of the gearbox to get the best out of it. A 5 speed box is fitted, but top is very high, and a 6 speed box would be an improvement.

The seats are comfortable and the dials are clear.

Control layout is very logical and easy to use.

Chunky gear change, but the brakes are a bit too light for my tastes.

Poverty spec 'S' model misses out on electric rear windows.

Also VW penny pinching means that it has no speakers in the rear doors. This means that radio has to be uncomfortably loud for front occupants for rear passengers to hear spoken words clearly. This is one of my main criticisms of the car.

Fuel economy is excellent, never dropping below 50 MPG, and with 65 MPG on a long motorway trip 4 up plus luggage at 70mph. A light right foot means that 60 MPG is readily achievable on any decent journey, and even my wife averages in the mid-50s MPG.

Next time, would go for a higher specification.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2013

2009 Volkswagen Golf 118TSI 1.4 turbo & supercharged from Australia and New Zealand


Powerful, sporty, classy ride - I couldn't have bought a better small car


Faults when received:-

Passenger vanity mirror light would not go off - FIXED

Sat nav was in german - FIXED.

Bonnet misaligned - FIXED.

Faults since then:-

Rain sensor action for wipers very erratic - supposedly fixed, just waiting on more rain, but so far so good.

Blow N/S rear and O/S front speakers - waiting to be fixed.

Supercharger's clutch will rarely make a constant and very loud clicking sound when attempting to engage, followed by the car jerking a little - replaced water pump (clutch on water pump), STILL DOES IT - awaiting further action.

General Comments:

Wat an amazing little car, faults aside I'm in love. The 1.4 supercharged and turbocharged engine is an absolute treat, heaps of power off the line, and right through to revving its t**s off.

The engine doesn't sound buzzy or tinny like most small fours. In fact it's very refined, more so than some larger cars/engines. The supercharger sounds great, and the turbo has a very loud whoosh normally only experienced on diesel cars. Definitely full of character.

Gearbox and clutch do take a bit of getting used to however, seeming a little delayed in action, and can still catch you off guard some 5 months later with a jerky action when shifting.

Handling is fantastic, however ride quality slightly suffers... I highly recommend the adaptive chassis control and regret not getting it. Large bumps don't filter through into the cabin though, as noise suppression and suspension dampening is very good. Though coarse chips roads do send a bit of road noise through in the rear.

Interior is of the highest standard in its class, and beats quite a lot in the class above. I cannot stress how nice the inside of this car is, specially with leather.

This car is seriously packed out with kit though, and an absolutely fantastic drive... The problems don't bother me a great deal, I will certainly buy another... just wish VW would bring out more supercharged and turbo charged engines.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2010

26th Mar 2010, 03:15

Good review on your 118kW TSi Golf. Do you have any info on fuel consumption? Another review on the same engine suggests the 118kW engine 'takes up a lot of petrol'. Your response please.

5th Apr 2010, 05:38

The golf can be rather thirsty if you're only doing short trips like me, because the newer Euro 5 emissions engines chew a lot of fuel in the first 15 seconds to warm up the cat converter, however even on my 1.5km trip to work, I can get it down to high 8's after warming the car up.

Highway driving of speeds around 80 can see it delve into the mid 5's per 100k's and mid 6's at 100... around town normally 8's or 9's, and I don't always drive it easily, which will see it go higher when driven hard as with all charged engines.

Hope this helps.