2nd Mar 2001, 01:45

I've had mine for nearly 2 years, now 22,800 miles and still love it.

I also have a crackle from the dash and at both services I was told it was the passenger airbag which they had re-fitted, but it still does it now when it's cold.

I also find second gear a bit difficult, more so when the car hasn't warmed up. Again two gearbox oil changes later and still the same. I have spoken to other owners and it seems to be just the way they are. Shame the dealers aren't as good as the car.. I find they are bit disinterested unless you want to spend more money with them.

14th Mar 2001, 15:24

I wouldn't bother joining Club GTI - they're useless! Anyway, I've had a Golf MK2 GTI for 3 years now an am getting a 1.8T next week from Denmark, can't wait!


13th Apr 2001, 18:01

Have just taken delivery of a brand new 1.8 turbo GTI. The turbo appears to make a lot of whizzing noise, any comments or help?

Is this normal or do I have a problem?

Any help or comments gratefully received.

19th Apr 2001, 20:37

Regarding the noise you get from the turbo, this is a normal characteristic of a turbo charger. So you can stop worrying about it and just enjoy the car.

I'm pleased my comments have had so many favorable responses from other GTI T owners, and I still love mine even though she is now 13 months old and has 7500 miles on the clock.

But she still looks fantastic and has only been back to the dealers once, I couldn't have hoped for a better car.


17th Jan 2002, 09:52

I also have a faulty alarm on my Volkswagen Golf that goes off for no apparent reason.

10th Dec 2010, 14:48

Latest GTI turbo update.

I still own my lovely GTI turbo after nearly 11 years. The mileage now is 60,000, but the bodywork is still in fantastic condition, and it drives just as good as ever. I have never owned a car for this long, but when I think about changing, I realise what a fantastic car I would be giving up. It is still on the original clutch, exhaust, gearbox etc, which is a testament to the fabulous build quality. When I originally wrote my comments nearly 11 years ago, I never thought I would have owned it for so long, and yes it is still the best car I have ever owned.

12th Dec 2010, 16:06

I've got a 99 1.8T, which still feels taut and responsive, even with 140k on the clock. Also have an 02 1.9 TDI, which has an interior that rattles, squeaks and creaks like an old truck, at 100k.

The build quality on these mk4s varies dramatically. They are generally reliable, but in no way immune to the same list of irritating, niggly faults that all cars have as they age. Good cars, don't get me wrong (I wouldn't own two otherwise), but not as solidly engineered as the VWs of old IMHO.