2000 Volkswagen Golf GTi Turbo 3 door 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Classiest hot hatch available


Driver seat lifter come off in my hand!

Passenger seat lifter paint is coming off.

Alarm interior sensor not working.

Strange noise from the left rear suspension, when turning left.

The brakes are a bit noisy.

I plan to have these minor things sorted under the warranty.

General Comments:

I've had this Golf, my first VW, for only one month. It's a million miles better than any of my previous cars. I've always owned Fords before.

For a hot hatch, it has understated looks, which give it a classy look and feel.

It is fast, but in the current warm weather the engine sounds a bit strained at times. However when you are out in the evening, the car sounds and goes much better. Do turbo cars all suffer from weaker performance in warmer temperatures?

Blue illumination looks smart too.

Even the key/remote is cool!

I originally planned to get an Audi A3, but the Audi interior isn't as nice as the Golf, I think.

The local dealer has been okay so far, but I'm dreading my first service. I'm paranoid about dodgy dealers who may rip me off. I'll have to see...

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2001

22nd Jun 2001, 02:48

Good comments on the car...

The turbo problems you have experienced are a result of VW not incorporating an intercooler with the turbo. As engines function better on cool/damp air (more combustible) having an intercooler chilling the air before entry into the cylinders will produce a bigger bang = more POWER!!

One solution to the problem would be to fit a performance air filter such as a K&N, Jetex etc.. this would increase cold air flow to the engine and eliminate the need for a cumber-some air intake filtration system. This will also give a deep throaty growl to the engine when acceleration occurs...

The other solution will be to fit an intercooler...

Hope this helps.

27th Jun 2001, 13:45

Is the Golf 1.8T GTI worth the extra money when compared with the Astra 1.8 SRI? I will soon have to replace my 1995 1.8 Cavalier, which has been faultless in the five years I have owned it & am wary over changing manufacturers. Reliability is a strong point for me.

14th Aug 2001, 05:11

It does have an intercooler - but it's a bit on the small side - by comparison the Audi TT 225 has two of the same intercoolers - one on each side.

29th Aug 2001, 09:30

Just another thought - are you using the climate control / air-con in the hot weather? This will make a noticeable difference to performance too, although the comments about the intercooler are quite right as well.

5th Sep 2006, 10:58

What dose the red I mean.

2000 Volkswagen Golf GTi T 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


Excellent and can handle a full turbo


The lock of the boot was not working in conjunction with the central locking anymore. Got fixed under warranty.

A rattle came from the dashboard. Got fixed under warranty.

Front headlights were pointing too low; had to pay to get it re-adjusted!!

General Comments:

Please note that this car has been further lowered, and equipped with Recara leather sport seats.

Road holding is superb as we also own a Saab 9-3 Turbo Convertible. You can tell that Saab has a lot to learn from VW regarding building a chassis. The chassis suggests also that there is no need for the low pressure turbo and that a full turbo is welcome.

Very solid feeling car with excellent cornering capabilities. Could use a bit more power to really deserve the red I. But I guess that's what the V6 4motion is for.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2001

2000 Volkswagen Golf GTi T 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


The best car I've ever owned


I have owned the car for nearly a year and the only thing that has gone wrong is the alarm system, which for some reason goes off for no apparent reason.

This has only just started playing up and I will be getting it sorted when the car has its first service in February.

There is also a creaking noise from the dash, which I hope will also be fixed at the service.

I also got a flat tyre after two days due to a discarded nail (not the car's fault). The men at the tyre garage had never fitted a new tyre to a car with only 98 miles on the clock. They thought it was very funny, but I didn't get the joke when the bill for £120.00 was handed to me.

General Comments:

This is my first VW and I would buy another without a worry. The performance, the build quality and the sheer pleasure of owning my GTi turbo (Georgie) has made the purchase price very much worth it.

The driving environment is second to none. It would put a lot of much more expensive cars to shame. Even the feel of the leather steering wheel is great.

Whoever I take in the car comments on what a great car it is to be in.

The car isn't perfect, but I'm sure no car is. But all I can say is that me and Georgie are going to spend many happy years together.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2001

9th Feb 2001, 06:55

I agree with your comments - I just bought 2nd hand one from a main dealer and what a fine piece of kit this is - like driving a small BMW. The best compliment I've had so far is when the owner of a Merc S420 said it was almost as smooth as his car!

The night time driving environment is something else! It's blue everywhere with bits of red!

£120 for a new tyre - there are plenty of other places who can happily do this for half that price - you need to look around.

Tip - you ought to join Club GTI.