2000 Volkswagen Golf Comfortline 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Don't buy it if build quality is paramount


Rear window washer dumped water inside the boot.

Frozen door seals in freezing conditions.

Various rattles and squeaks.

Dealer did not PDI the car before delivery.

General Comments:

A good car but with a somewhat over-rated reputation for build quality. The quality of materials and finish is impressive but my car has started rattling from a number of locations and the seat squeeks. Very irritating. I think VW are masters at perceived quality but the depth of engineering is not what they like us to believe.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2001

29th Mar 2001, 10:11

Not true! The 1.4 Comfortline is best car that I have ever tried!

19th Apr 2001, 03:12

Dumping water in the boot and various squeaks and rattles sounds very much as though I'm not alone then.

The squeaks and rattles are probably faulty door locks (I have had over 4 sets replaced in 10 months and they have gone again). It turns out that VW have been having real problems with locks on all models (so sort it out VW!!!). If it's not that then it could be the center console rubbing on the dash (VW have a kit for this problem).

The dumping water is again a known problem in the winter when the washer pipe freezes and you try to wash your rear window, the water leaks onto the boot lock - if you haven't had it replaced it will probably go soon.

Another unhappy VW customer!!

2000 Volkswagen Golf GTi T 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Perfect performance car for the family


Nothing yet, but a slight rattle from the centre console sometimes.

General Comments:

Brilliant family 4 door car, easy to get the baby in the back.

Superb motorway car - fast, quiet, easy to drive and economical.

Fantastic build quality and the new 2001 spec wheels are gorgeous!

Kind of gives you a sense of superiority when driving it.

The big plus... I bought it from Denmark, saving £5000 quid!!

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Review Date: 17th November, 2000

2000 Volkswagen Golf GTi 1.8 turbo from Israel


High quality/high performance German bargain


1. Noise from the front suspension/wheels. From the first day I have had the car, I've heard a wierd noise from the front wheels and suspension. The dealer said it's nothing, but I hear the noise all day, especially when taking fast turns and starting on a hill.

2. Front wheels always slip/spin. The car has a lot of power, and is front wheel drive. VW should have put in a traction control system. Drivers cannot use the car's full power otherwise the wheels spin.

General Comments:

Awesome German handling and power.

Best deal for the money.

Great car, with some desigh flaws VW needs to recall and fix ASAP!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

9th Feb 2001, 06:59

Wheel spin? Your car should have traction control fitted as standard like my 1999 model.

20th Apr 2001, 13:00

Its obviously an import, and you are paying the price with no TCS...

27th May 2001, 14:27

You said you heard a weird noise? Could the weird noise possibly be the turbo? Most cars that are turbocharged have that "weird noise"

2000 Volkswagen Golf GLS 1.8T from North America


Negative because it is defective, dealer can't fix the problem and VW is unwilling to provide help


Car made a weird noise from the first day I owned it. Dealer immediately acknowledged a defect. They replaced the same part twice but the problems have not been fixed.

General Comments:

Besides being annoyed at having to deal with a defect in a new car and the repeated trips to the dealership, I am particularly upset about VW's customer service department. Written requests for help on what to do next have been ignored. When I called I encountered several unfriendly reps. A supervisor even told me that it is not part of her job description to accommodate customers!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2000

4th Mar 2001, 14:38

Well, in Portugal, the situation is pretty much the same, with VW clients...

Shame on VW!!!!!!

12th May 2002, 00:10

I have also had problems with weird noises and vibration while the car is idling, as if it were going to die, VW customer service reps can be rude and tell you whatever you want to hear to get you off their phone!

24th Jan 2003, 05:32

Similar problems here in Singapore with VW cars and their dealers. If we don't do something about this level of shoddy service, these car salesmen will continue conning us. Here is a small bit we can do to combat this. Report your smallest problems to the dealers via email and copy VW in Germany. Hopefully if this is done often enough, bad dealers will be pulled up or even have their franchises yanked.

Secondly, don't buy everything the dealer says. He has to fund his multi million dollar car showroom and every time your car goes in, he will try his hardest to bill you atleast 200USD.

Get a second opinion from the Automobile Association in your country regarding any part the dealer may want you to change.

If you feel conned like I do, go the CASE or the equivalent authority in your country.

Lets not put up with bad attitudes after they take our 15-20000 USD.