4th Mar 2015, 00:28

Please let me know how this car compares to your Volvo S80.

8th Apr 2015, 18:47

I have a 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL as well, and totally agree. Beautiful car, no problems to report of any kind.

12th Sep 2015, 02:53

I have had my 2015 TSI Golf close to a year now. I got one of the first white 2 doors in the SE (according to the dealership). Anyway, I don't regret buying this car at all. I don't love things... but I like it a lot! I think the basic model with alloy wheels is a great value, especially compared to what people wanted for their used cars! The TSI was more economical than the TSD for me based on the miles I drive... I get lower 40s on the highway. Plus the TSI has rear multi-link suspension, which I don't think the TSD has due to the urea tank. It keeps this car very composed on bumps and twists, but still a comfortable ride... just the right amount of road feel for me.

The seats are beyond comfortable. Long trips give no problem with my back. The "fake" leather is really better that the real leather. Mine is black and still not hot, even in Florida. The trim is seriously light years ahead of cars in the same class.

I test drove LOTS of cars, and I knew I was going to buy this before I left the parking lot on my test drive. Go to Truecar to see what's a good deal in your area. They are a lot of car for the price, but GTI and Autobahn editions go up really fast!

12th Sep 2015, 23:05

You guys are lucky in North America that your standard petrol engine is the 1.8T (well, an improved version of the old one). Outside your area, Golfs only have 1.2TSI and 1.4TSI (in two outputs). I'm in New Zealand, we only have the 1.4TSI in 122 and 140 BHP versions. If we want the 1.8T, we have to get a Skoda Octavia equivalent. Well, I've driven around in a friend's base 2010 VW Passat 1.8T facelift (this facelift not sold in America, but very similar to your Golf engine), and I am surprised by not just the performance, but the smoothness. In urban settings, it gets to a good 80 km/h (very illegal in an urban 50 km/h zone) feeling like it's only doing 40, so you need to watch the speedo like a hawk, or use the DSG manually to retain a gear so it doesn't creep. Very willing acceleration. Under normal circumstances (urban or open road driving), there is more than adequate power. And that was a PASSAT, a much heavier car than the Golf, so how much better will it be in a lighter body? A friend in Austin, TX test-drove the base Golf manual (has had a Protege from new), and his late teens son said, "Dad, I've never seen you drive like that before!" Told him about the Passat, and his comment was that you don't even need to get a GTI, the 1.8T is plenty powerful.

17th Sep 2015, 20:31

This vehicle is head and shoulders above my 2001 Volvo S80. The Golf TDI is every bit as roomy in the front seats. The handling and acceleration, mileage, braking and overall driving experience is night and day better than the Volvo S80.