26th Jan 2003, 06:56

Hi, I'm the original author of this thread and my car is now 2 years old and has 46,000km under its belt. I have also completed some minor modifications to the car which may be worth sharing with you.

First mod is the addition of a Unichip ECU which has increased power from 110kw to roughly 140kw, which in turn means the car is smoother, has more torque, has decreased turbo lag (which was already quite minimal btw) and of course has made the car quicker. As an obvious example of the increase in power I have been able to reduce 0-100 times from the 8.5sec for stock to around 7.4sec with the Unichip. For a variety of reasons I don't think I'd use Unichip again, but there are quite a few alternatives available in Australia if you wanted to chip your GTI. Alternatives would be Oettinger, GIAC, Wetterauer, MTM and I believe APR has just started supplying chips to Australia.

Second mod, which is more about looks than anything else. I stumbled across some 17" wheels that were stock items on an Audi TT while looking for some 18" wheels to suit my GTI. Basically I couldn't refuse this deal which saw me get 4 TT wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport rubber (95% tread) for $1500AUD. They look great, even though 18" was my preferred choice.

Overall the car is still great and I have had no major problems with the car and would highly recommend this car to any prospective purchaser.

3rd Aug 2005, 17:44

I have a Volkwagen GTI VR6. it is four years old, 27000 miles. I had to change the tires, battery; transmission to reverse is rough and fix a transmission leak once. Also the gears are not as smooth as it was initially.

The control of left and right view mirrors through the button has failed. It partially works occasionally.

My friend has one too, he is having the same problemm. Left and Right view mirror controls failing is consistent. I don't know why VW still doesn't fix this problem. It will work initially, but after a couple of years you will hit on the problem.

This is where japanese cars are the king. They never fail even after 10 years.