2001 Volkswagen Golf Variant 1.6 petrol from Sweden


Why on earth do people buy Volkswagens?


Sway bar linkages, ignition coil, EGR-valve, oil pressure gauge, air vent outlet, brake discs.

General Comments:

I bought this car since the mileage was relatively low. I wanted a cheap car that would just keep working if I just maintained it. I was told a VW Golf would be the best choice. What a piece of crap it was.

When I first serviced it, I replaced the original cam belt. One of the tensioners was loose and was about to fall off.

The front suspension was rattling, but new sway bar linkages took care of that.

I took care of some rusty spots on the body of the car. Not a lot so I can't complain there.

A heat shield above the catalyst had come loose and needed to be fastened.

One day the oil warning light came on and I thought the motor was dying. I towed the car to a garage and it was the oil pressure sending unit that was broken. After this the car started to rev up and down at red lights, which was caused by a broken vacuum hose from the power brake system.

Shortly after that hose was fixed, the check engine light came on. An ignition coil had broken down. I replaced it and the car worked fine for several days. Then it started cutting out and this time the EGR-valve had given up. I fixed that too.

Now the car was running perfectly well, so I sold it and bought a car made by an entirely different manufacturer.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2016

11th May 2016, 21:02

You must have bought a bad example that had not been looked after. That's evident with the tensioner about to fall off as you said. No one who maintains a car well would let the timing belt and tensioners get that bad.

People buy VWs because generally they are good reliable cars, at least in Europe; usually the negative reviews on here come from the USA where VWs are built elsewhere and suffer quality issues according to some reviews.

2001 Volkswagen Golf V5 170PS 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Drives and sounds nice, but plenty of niggles


Fans stopped working on slow speed. Requires replacement of both fans at a cost of around £400.

Seized rear brake caliper.

Engine management fault (lambda sensor).

Worn front suspension bushes.

Plastic coating peeling off of interior plastics.

Handbrake button rattling.

Plenty of other rattles from the interior trim.

General Comments:

This car looks good and drives well, however reliability and build quality quality isn't all that great. My previous car was a BMW 5 series, and that was 100% reliable in the time I owned it despite being older and having covered more miles.

The car hasn't actually broken down, but I have had plenty of annoying niggles. VW's reputation would have you believe they are better than they really are.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2012

2nd Apr 2012, 16:51

I now have a mk4 Golf. It is my 15th Golf, and I have to say I am VERY disappointed with the plastic coatings interior wise. I am almost frightened to clean the interior, as it comes off with every polish. All the old cars came up fantastically, and it was a joy to see them after a good clean.

The metal round the seats is rusty, and even one of the seat belts has rust on it. COME ON, VW WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? I am tremendously put off by your lack of care towards materials chosen in these fabulous cars, and would have to say I will be a little more cautious about buying another.

Over the years I have sung such high praises of the Golf, and have recommended it to almost everyone I have ever met. Needless to say, their selling figures must up, due partly to my admiration of this fantastic vehicle.

5th Apr 2012, 08:47

We have a 2002 GT TDI 130 Golf, which we've owned for 4 years. It's been near faultless mechanically, but I agree the interior plastics do not age well. As well as the peeling door handles, the fake leather has cracked and peeled off the gear lever gaiter, the centre console plastics have marked and scuffed with just normal use, and the whole lot creaks and rattles like it's done quarter of a million miles (it's actually done 120k).

As I said, mechanically it has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned, but the quality of the interior is nowhere near as good as the first impressions suggest.

In 4 years and 40k, I've changed a clutch and a CV gaiter. That has been the sum total of the mechanical issues, which I think is a good record for an older car with this mileage.

8th Aug 2012, 04:15

A further update.

The niggles continue. Have needed a replacement fuel pump, front suspension top mounts, rear suspension top mounts, 4 new shock absorbers, and the driver's side electric rear window has stopped.

I also have a rattle coming from inside the exhaust, a fuel smell in the cabin when the heater is on, and the immobiliser sometimes won't let the car start until I remove the key and re-insert it.

All this is on a very nice condition, well looked after car with a full history and less than 100,000 miles. I can only imagine what a neglected one would be like.