2001 Volkswagen Golf 4motion 2.8 V6 24v from UK and Ireland


Comfy sports car with a big boot


Needed a new lambda sensor at 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is one amazing car. The engine is so powerful, and there's torque all the way through the rev range. The leather seats are like armchairs, and the interior is a very pleasant place to be.

The only modification I did was put an induction kit on for the extra grunt. It sounds amazing.

The handling is also top draw. The 4 wheel drive system works exceptionally, and the car never feels uncontrollable.

I will keep this car for many years.

I have sat on the back bumper of my mates S3, which has been chipped, and was not too far behind an R32.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Golf GLS 2.0L from North America


Mostly worth the $17000


Weatherstripping around windows cracked and separated, very expensive to fix. 60K miles.

Insulation around ignition coils cracked; coil was arcing on engine. 95K miles.

C/V joint went around 100K miles.

General Comments:

Bought this car after giving back a leased Jetta.

Initial quality was very good, really only changed the oil for the first 3 years.

Not even a speck of rust on this car after 6 years.

Rubber-on-plastic interior trim scratched really easily.

I must be aging out of their market segment, because I find VW advertising annoying.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 from North America


Wonderful, amazing, great!


I have had no problems at all with my lil' Golf. It has been super reliable and fun! It is a zippy little car and runs great!

General Comments:

My VW Golf has been the best!! I LOVE IT!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Golf from North America


I like VW golfs, but I don't suggest owning one past 100k, unless it's a classic


Oxygen sensor had to be replaced within 5k of my time with it.

Now the EPC light is on.

Drivers door doesn't lock like the others when I push the lock button, but it will if I click unlock and then lock again quickly.

Check engine light clicks on and off consistently.

One tire had a hole in the valve, had to have all new tube put in.

General Comments:

Check engine light enjoys clicking on and off just to irritate me. I find that it mostly goes on after it's rained. When it didn't click off I had it checked, they tinkered on it and claimed that they had fixed the problem. On the drive home it clicked back on again. I called as soon as I got home, had a bit of a raging fit at the poor person who just makes the car appointments. Brought it back in and they changed the oxygen sensor. The light has continued to click on and off since.

The most recent and as I was reading seems to be a consistant problem in all VW cars. Which is the EPC light comes on and then I cannot move my car into any other gear no matter how hard I push my foot down on the brake. Which is just great because I don't want to have to have it towed to the morons that I bought it from. I'm going to try some of the tips on how to get it out of park that I read for the Jetta.

I'm starting to miss my manual Geo.

Why the heck can't they make the Golf like they used to!!!??? My first car was a 84' golf and I ran that thing into it's grave. I don't see wanting to own one of these past 100k I'm just going to keep trading them in for newer models every few years. Which seems extremely unnecessary. If I wasn't such a VW lover...grrrr.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2006

2001 Volkswagen Golf SE 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Nasty, horrid, unreliable heap of junk


This heap of junk broke down on me & left me stranded 3 times in 3 years. In between leaving me stranded it was in and out of the repair shop lots of times.

There was a persistent pull to the left that the dealer could never cure in 5 attempts. First it was tyres, then brakes, then just "road camber" then it was just the way I drove the car!

All of the brake discs were replaced due to brake shudder. All of the pads were replaced as well - down to the way I drive the car said the dealer - most of my driving is on the motorway and almost none in town!

Had to have 3 new window lifters because the plastic clips on the bottom broke.

There were problems all the time with flat spots and stuttering of the engine. Many parts were replaced including (eventually) the air mass meter which finally cured the problem after 2 years of trying.

Clutch cable snapped and left me stranded. Not covered under the warranty!

Engine overheated and left me stranded again because the water pump broke. This caused the head gasket to fail and the car was off the road for almost 3 weeks.

Various other problems with wheel bearings, dampers, suspension and electrical stuff also happened.

I can't recall any time when I had it that the car actually worked 100% properly.

General Comments:

Fuel consumption poor for a 1.6, struggled to get above 35mpg even on a long run.

Not very nice to drive, not helped by suspension problems.

Skidded too easily in the wet, especially the front end. New tyres made no difference.

Seats too hard & gave me cramp on long runs.

Dealers were hopeless. I tried 3 but they were all the same and very expensive.

Would never buy another VW after this experience.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2006

7th Oct 2006, 13:59

Looks like you've had a bad experience, but I've NEVER had any problems with my 2001 Golf. the most relaible car I've ever had..

1st Dec 2011, 07:17

I have to agree these are not the premium product they are made out to be.

My 50K miler has had the following issues:-

- Coolant sensor fail.

- Most of the suspension bushes have been replaced or are due to be replaced (to pass next MOT).

- The handling is scary at times.

- It leaks water through doors and boot, the rear washer caused the boot open light to come on.

- It uses far too much oil.

- The brakes are unpredictable/inconsistent.

- The clutch pedal does not return on cold days.

- The stereo shorted the battery out.

- It broke down due to condensation filling the spark plug holes, as there is nothing covering the HT leads.

- It runs poorly at times, and has failed to start at all twice.

- It has had to have a new engine mount (but the engine still moves far too much).

- The handbrake is stiff, and does not work very well at all.

As it has been in the family since new, I can say that some of these problems were present from the factory (leaks, clutch, bad running, handling), and the dealer even admitted after a lot of investigation, that the body was not built straight and was out of spec.

As I got the car passed onto me, I cannot complain about value for money, but as I have also owned an expensive Audi, and had as many, if not more problems, I would probably stay away from the VW group in the future.