21st Aug 2002, 06:59

Did you clear up the stuttering & fuel smell? I just bought a 1988 Golf Driver and noticed similar on mine (again, same miles). The entire car shudders when standing still, although I've yet to put the car through a (proper) service.

Any advice?

6th Sep 2002, 02:54

Have you all had the waxstat sorted out if it is the Pierburg carb (1.6/1.8 Carb engines)? That should sort all your problems out and is a known fault.


18th Jan 2003, 00:57

I own a 1986 Golf GTI, a North American model. It has the Bosch CIS-E fuel injection, and it, too stutters when I stop, but only if I push the clutch pedal in while the engine speed is over 2000 RPM. If you press the brake, and slow to less than 2000RPM - THEN push the clutch in, the car doesn't stutter nearly as much. As far as I can tell, this is normal Volkswagen behavior. Most of us in the States know that VWs have their quirks, and will behave as they please. That's why we bought them! They've got more personality than anything else. So, I wouldn't worry about the stutter. It appears to be normal, and after doing it for 130,000 miles (US), my car is perfectly fine.

3rd Jun 2003, 15:15

I also shared your problems with the 1.8 Pierburg carb. I had it checked out and was told it had been down to "freezing" whereby the carb body becomes so cold during fast/hard driving (for me, it only happened during winter) that it stops functioning correctly. When you stop and leave it for a moment, the carb warms back up again and all is fine. I became so fed up with the problem (and nobody seemed to be able to help) that I exchanged the carb for the Webber manual replacement. No problems since.

1st Mar 2006, 06:57

I have a Mk2 Golf driver and have suffered nearly all of the faults mentioned above. Firstly, when driving the engine would cut out/stall or high rev and that is all to do with the CO adjustment on top of the carb. If this is set correctly it should run well. But now I'm suffering with stalling problems on first start up when cold. The car would run sweet for about 10secs then start stalling and running extremely rich whereby the there was too much choke. People have told me that it is the wax-stat on the choke unit, but I beg to differ because the push rod still moves according to the engine temp and as soon as the engine is warm it runs beautifully. Also can anyone help with my heating problem, I have changed the bypass valve, radiator, thermostat, water pump and flushed the system several times. If anyone has the problems I have reply because I could tell you exactly how to fix it.

18th Jan 2010, 17:38

Reference 1st March 2006, Golf with stalling problems soon after starting, and an interior colder than outside.

I am suffering with exactly the same issues on my Driver. Anyone have any tips on how to solve this?

27th Apr 2010, 03:36

I've had the same problems with my Mark 2 Driver. Found that the water has been dripping on to the automatic choke/ thermo switch, therefore causing the stumbling start where you have to get the revs right so as the car will cut out... To solve my heating problem, I bought a new heater blower and a new switch for the dash board. It still squeaks from time to time when going round corners, even though the blower is housed properly, but I think this is a problem that will constantly occur as I've had my Golf nearly 10 years and gone through 3 heater blowers, all having the slight irritating squeaking noise.