1986 Volkswagen Golf Driver 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A sturdy stylish car that is fast when it feels like it!


Nothing major:

Blown Bulbs in rear lights.

New flanges in the exhaust.

New seat cables.

A few electrical faults with the windscreen wipers.

Sun stained bumpers and trim.


The only thing that concerns me, is that when you drive the car hard, and then slow to a stop, the car starts to stutter, but doesn't stall. If you gently rev the engine, it will pick up and drive off fine, and probably not do it again during the whole journey.

General Comments:

I know that Golfs a prone to carburetter faults, but I have been told that mine is fine and the seal beneath it is OK too. Does anyone have any ideas, because it is a lovely car except for the stuttering fault.

The revs are set correctly and unless you drive it hard nothing goes wrong.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2002

16th Jul 2002, 06:52

I own a 1987 Golf Driver, very similar miles, etc. My Driver ALSO stutters at times when slowing to stop, can be pain... It also smells a bit of petrol when this happens...??

Funnily enough, this morning, it sounds/feels as though my carberateor could be playing up as it will stutter now when driving at normal speeds...I'm going to clean the carb out, check the fuel filter - a couple of quid from a local VW Parts Centre if a 'new' one is needs and also fill-up with some Super Unleaded and see if I can 'clear' any blockage... Odd isn't it...?!?

1986 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsberg Edition 1.8 from North America


The best economy fun there is!


After buying the car from an old lady I replaced the clutch cable, right front drive axle and battery.

Since then the cruise control has disappeared, the oil pressure light always comes on and the drivers seats padding dosen't pad much at all.

General Comments:

I have always loved VW's and I was very excited to finally get my first one. This car gets incredible gas mileage and it starts like a dream even in -20 weather.

These cars are so easy to work on and parts are abundant. Sadly this car is getting near the 250k mark and things are slowly starting to go, but I will keep it running until I hit the 300k mark, then rebuild the beast.

This Wolfsburg edition Golf is a great luxurious and sporty car that is very practical and fun. I am thinking of rebuilding the engine and keeping this car as something for my son and I to work on together... possibly a turbo Golf???

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2001

1986 Volkswagen Golf CL 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A plucky car named Murphy


Tracking appalling.

Dash light broken.

Exhaust rattling.

Needs a new clutch.

Weird squealing noise at some points that I can't quite work out.

Battery attempted to escape from the car while travelling on the A14.

General Comments:

Given all of things that are or have gone wrong with this car, you would think that I hate it, but I don't. Most of what has gone wrong has done so as the car is just very old and has done a very high mileage.

All of which are reasonably cheap to fix, except for the dash board light strangely. But I have sorted that myself with a very fetching little torch.

It genuinely is a pleasure to drive and will quite happily travel at high speed without seeming nervous. It is economical to the point of being a bit silly yet still manages to have enough power to pull away quickly if needs be.

The only really bad thing about the car is the absolutely appalling modifications that one of the previous owners did to the car seemingly with sticky tape. Also they seem to have attempted to change the stereo by themselves and blown all of the electrics, hence the expensive dash light.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2001

2nd Sep 2001, 17:31

Since writing this review the car has turned from being an enjoyable little run around to a pile of crap. All the oil seals have gone, the suspension has broken, wheel bearings have gone, there is an oil leak, the tracking is off, and a slow puncture has developed. Today in fact it tried to kill me on the A38 in Bromsgrove, where it decided to do a 360 degree spin after I LIGHTLY touched the brakes at about 55 mph. I have now bought a new car a Peugeot, which looks nice and everything but the insurance is absolutely mental. GTis eh? Honestly.

1st Oct 2001, 14:18

You should have bought another Volkswagen, a properly maintained one!