1986 Volkswagen Golf LX 1.7 turbo diesel from Bosnia and Herzegovina


The workhouse of the automobile world


The entire right tire and axle came off on a turn outside Kozarac, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Shrapnel damage from the war required the rear seat to be changed. Tire balance is a constant struggle with this automobile.

General Comments:

The winding, narrow, and steep mountain roads of Bosnia-Herzegovina require a sturdy, reliable car with great handling. Safety is less important in Bosnia-Herzegovina, you need a car that can stay on the road because spinning off the highway, even if you drive a tank, is usually fatal.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2003

1986 Volkswagen Golf GTD 1.6 turbo diesel from Bosnia and Herzegovina


The front brake pads had been replaced at the 115 000 km on it.

Also, the rear shock absorbers had been changed two years after I bought it, and I changed them again few days ago.

Seats got broken at about 120 000 km on it, so had to be replaced.

General Comments:

It's not very comfortable car, but it's very reliable, and easy to handle car.

Whoever spent some of his or her time in Bosnia recently, you know how the roads here look like, so this car runs well even here.

Before I made decision to buy this car I was told not to do it, because "there are some better cars and those which don't have a turbo charger", but I am proud that I made a right decision, because my car still runs well.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

1986 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsberg Edition from North America


The fast and the ugly


The levers that release the bucket seats (in order to get into the back seat) have snapped off.

The button that opens the hatch has broken.

There is no emergency brake anymore, as the lever has broken.

The windows do not roll down anymore and the sunroof leaks.

If the RPM gauge fall lower than 2000, the oil pressure buzzer/light come on.

There is an awfully cold breeze that flows from under the dash; it could be a vent that is stuck open.

The floor heating does NOT work. However, you can still use the vents for heat.

General Comments:

Mechanically, this is one of the best and most durable cars I have ever owned. I haven't had to worry about anything suddenly breaking down on me.

The Golf handles beautifully. You can dodge obstacles at VERY high speeds, and it corners great. I've had this car going about 190 km/h down the highway. It's a quick little car.

The gas mileage is unbelievable! On a full tank, you can drive about 1200 km (without stopping) at a speed of 130 km/h if the terrain is right. You couldn't ask for a more economical car.

Cosmetically, this car is starting to take a turn for the worst. If I had the time to fix the little details, this car would probably last forever.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

1986 Volkswagen Golf CL 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable so far, solid, safe and quick


When I first got it I was fiddling around with the air vents when one of them just fell in to the dash board. So I can't turn it off now. Whoops. It has a bit of a problem with the automatic choke, it starts first time, every time. However, once it gets warmed up it doesn't idle very well, so I think something needs adjusting (any ideas anyone?) But apart from general maintenance nothing.

General Comments:

For a 16 year old car it's in very good condition. Very little rust and like most VW's still solid as a rock. The interior is immaculate and it even had all 4 original VW speakers, probably because the front one's were virtually impossible to get out. (unless you remove the windscreen). Apart from the choke problem, the engine runs sweet as a nut with no loud tappets, clicking/banging etc.

It's good fun to drive, the steering is responsive and it sticks to the road like glue. (175 tyres and stiff suspension help)

As it's quite old I don't really like to push it, but if you want to over take, slam it into 3rd and it will take off! Obviously it's not GTi standard, but it's certainly not slow.

The only thing that really bothers me are the gears. 1st gear is far to close to reverse, the amount of times I've pulled away from a junction and gone flying backwards.

Insurance is a little high (group 9/10) but as I paid virtually nothing for the car, the premium wasn't that bad.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2002