12th Jan 2005, 08:42

I have a 51 plate 1.6 petrol VW Golf. I've had it since May '04. The only problem I have experienced, and its quite a major one, is the loss of power that sometimes occurs. To start with it was about once a month, but lately it's a couple of times a week. You can be going along the motorway at about 70-80mph and suddenly the revs drop from 4000 to 2000 and then immediately pick up again. Last November the car actually lost power and never picked up again, it stalled, a bit frightening considering I was in the outside lane of the M20 at the time!

It's now very scary driving whereas when I first got the Golf, it was a dream to drive.

12th Jun 2006, 07:08

Ha ha. Thanks for brightening up a long and boring day!

170 bhp from a 1.6 Golf with a chip, exhaust and induction kit. If it's making 115 you'll be lucky mate.

30th May 2007, 12:49

I own a 2001 golf TDI and we have had nothing, but problems as well. Since we got it in 2001, the transmission has been replaced twice, it leaks oil and transmission fluid, the covering on the side view mirror flew off because apparently it was "too windy", we replace the front and back lights about every 6 months, the side driver window has literally fallen INTO the door, our side view mirror started to smoke while driving (which was really frightening because we had no idea what was happening), the back door (trunk) lock broke, and the timing belt has been replaced twice. I'm sure that I'm forgetting many other things as well, but either way, this car has been in the shop more than it has on the actual road. They are really cute, fun to drive, and cheap on gas cars, but for the amount you save on gas you pay 10 times more on repairs. I DO NOT recommend this car unless you like to fix it!

1st Feb 2008, 01:45

I would like to add a brief comment from a New Zealand experience. I too have had a volkswagen car fail horribly on me (1999 Passat). It was beautiful and prestigious until its engine ruined itself with bent valves. My Honda Civic before that went for 100,000kms without incident. It is a case of beauty and status vrs reliability. Simple as that.