25th Dec 2004, 04:38

I have the 170kw automatic version of this car and find that the engine isn't properly mated to the gearbox - the engine is a boy racer and the gearbox belows to granny - it keeps rushing to get to 5th gear (within 20 metres from the traffic lights). The fuel ecomony isn't there either - 22-24mpg is typical around town. But... an x factor is there somewhere...

19th Sep 2005, 04:31

Just a thought for the first poster, you have to click the remote keyfob 2x to open the boot + other doors, probably no help, but WTH ;)


3rd Oct 2005, 20:22

My V5 has done 67000 miles and is nearly 6 yrs old; Perfect all-situation car. 30-32mpg. Quick when you want it to be, quiet and relaxed if you prefer that. Certainly Not boring. Most important: Still feels solid and tightly screwed together, fewer squeaks and rattles than two Mk-V's I've driven...Sum-up? "Satisfying".

21st Feb 2006, 06:37

Had My Mk4 V5 for 5 months now, and I still grin when I drive it. Does seem to want to get to Fifth gear quickly, often when doing around 40 Mph; but this helps add to the sedate feel when you want to drive that way. But put your foot down and there's a few surprises there, acceleration is great, and ride is supple, Added some 18" RS8 Alloys and the ride is still comfortable. More than happy, Fuel consumption around 25Mpg, but I'm not the most frugal of drivers! Auto tiptronic box is good though can be confused if changing modes. (over revs, etc)

22nd Sep 2008, 23:46

My V5 2.3 engine runs like a dream. I feel I'm in a solid car which can quickly zip you out of trouble if needed. I have an old model 2001, but she still behaves like a new one.

28th Oct 2008, 17:44

I have owned my V5 170 Golf for a year now and find it an exhilarating drive. When I bought it, it had 88k on the clock: it's a 2001 model with all the extras including sunroof and 18inch alloys which made it look real nice. The only extra missing I thought was leather upholstery.

I get around 28/32mpg on mixed motorway and country roads and the acceleration is excellent. The only fault I had was the wiper linkage had to replaced for the front screen costing £40parts plus an hours labour. p.s. It has just sailed through it MOT test. Smiles alround.

30th Jan 2010, 19:10

Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a V5 Golf to replace my excellent Mazda MX5. I understand the Golf has intercoolers rather than a radiator. Are there any issues with these or other parts that I should be aware of? Thanks, John (New Zealand)

31st Mar 2010, 13:40

I have a Golf V5 170bhp in gun metal grey, which personally is one of the best colours you can get it in. The car has 113,000 on the clock and mechanically is sound.

I only have on problem. There is a small amount of play coming through the steering wheel. I've had tracking done, the wheels balanced, swapped the rears to the front and had those balanced even. My mechanic has checked the steering and he says it's fine. Any ideas or maybe someone has experienced similar? A great car though, and very quick!!!

12th May 2010, 05:38

I have a 51 plate VW Golf 5 door - 170bhp modified Superchipped.

Cold air induction, back cat exhaust.

It also has coilover suspension with anti roll bars back & front, and also a strut over the engine bay.

My guess with 99RON unleaded, I am getting around the 195bhp to 200bhp mark.

As it still looks like a standard Golf, it still makes me smile every time I take this car out on the road.

Can anyone let me know where I can get lightweight pulleys for this type of car? I know it won't be massive increase in power; circa 4 bhp, but everything counts.