2nd Oct 2004, 09:50

Hi there,

I totally disagree with everything you say about the VR6.

I have a MK3 L reg & never had an iota of a problem with it. never replaced any parts on it & it's sitting with just 90K on the clock.

I agree, not the quickest of the mark though, but sure is fun when it is off the mark!

Only problem I am having with it is the passenger side front electric window... electric plug was off in door, when I reconnected it window went down & refused to go up & stay up...puzzling...anyone any ideas?

9th Nov 2004, 13:34

Well I've got a VR6 High line with only 63k on the clock... I totally agree about it not being the quickest off the mark, though when it goes it goes... the comment about 30 to 100 acceleration is totally true and I too have surprised Boxsters, BMW Z3's etc with its acceleration in that range... that's where the 2.8 really shows it's true colours...

13th Nov 2004, 09:38

Mine is a 97 on an R plate, it has now completed 84k and walked through its latest MOT. Last night I was saying to my brother in-law that excepting services, I have never spent a penny on the car. This morning the starter failed with a corroded connection on the solenoid. I should have kept quiet.

My view is that it is still a joy to drive, and as long as you are aware of the road conditions the weight is not a problem.

Still makes me smile when I get in it.

23rd Apr 2005, 07:10

I agree with some of the comments. The stater is bound to give problems at some point and it is not the quickest off the mark. My VR6 is a 1998 model. Its sitting on 75k on the clock. As I bought the car brand new, I have never experienced many problems apart from the stater.

13th Nov 2005, 15:22

Just sold my BMW 328i Coupe and replaced it with a VR6!

I'd say the BMW was a fraction quicker off the mark but once rolling the golf is awsome and a whole lot more fun to drive. I have uprated the suspension with FK Highsport springs and shocks which has transformed the handling to near perfection.. A great choice if you want near supercar performance at a fraction of the cost.