16th Aug 2004, 05:24

I had similar problems with my 2.0 petrol. Oil all over the new paved driveway due to a blown oil seal. Needless to say there was no way VW would help with getting the damaged drive renewed!

More electrical problems than I could count especially windows and engine sensors (temperature probe, lambda sensors, ECU, alternator, central locking, alarm, window motors burned out). You are lucky that you can get a courtesy car, I always had to wait 3 weeks to get one and even then it was a miserable Polo 1.2E with no fuel in it.

Tried to trade this piece of junk in after 18 months and suffered appalling depreciation (£8,000) with the dealer who sold it to me.

It was my third and last Golf. Previously I had a MkII that had over 140k miles on the clock when it was finall sold.

VW Golf MkIV - over priced, over rated, poor service and not that good to drive.

17th Sep 2004, 14:24

Volkswagen have changed, the reliability is not good, dealership service worse. I have owned (consecutively!) :

Golf 3 GL TDi 1997

Golf 4 GT TDi 1998

Passat PD TDi 2000

Polo 16V 1998.

Problems on all cars, I love the brand, but shame about reliability and dealership experience. Each time my mind says don't buy another VW, but the heart over rules this!

The brain says, "buy a Toyota Corolla!", Heart says "No, way!!", and ladies and gents, of course the mind is right, and I hate to admit it!

8th Jul 2005, 12:06

I have a 1998 Golf GT TDI. It starts fine when cold, but after being left for about twenty minutes, it has to be turned over several times. I would be so pleased if someone has any ideas. cliveatvagg@aol.com.

30th Jan 2008, 03:02

Was this a Wolfsburg (VWW start on VIN) or Uitenhage (VWSA start on VIN) car?

I am also appalled by the MK5 Golf, my current MK4 GT TDI has been pretty reliable so far. (98,000 miles)

28th Sep 2008, 16:30

" Touch Wood " My Golf GT TDI 130 2003 has been spot on! Services have been carried out when due. Bought the car in 2005. Previous owner had racked up business miles only.

Now done 91,000 with a current motorway MPG of 50.4.

Reviews I read regarding the Golf claim that the MkIV was a better engine than the recent MkV. The MkIv will hold its value much better. Even the mechanics at VW have told me similar.

Sometimes people get a car from a poor batch, Sometimes people buy cars secondhand without the true knowledge of the cars previous treatment. And some people thrash their cars about expecting them to last an age! Baffles me when I see cars on the hardshoulder no less than a year or two old broken down! Do they never look under the hood?