2003 Volkswagen Golf SE 1.9 tdi from UK and Ireland


Nice car, shame about the build quality



Dashboard rattles, dealer cannot fix problem so they've decided to fit a new one.

Headlining rattles.

Centre console rattles.

Horn works intermittently and sticks on.

General Comments:

Car is comfortable and quick, but seems thrown together rather than built properly. Interior is a bit gloomy, but is comfortable enough.

The seats are a bit hard for my liking.

Good economy and reasonable insurance costs add up to a good package, shame about the build quality as it's spoiling my enjoyment of the car.

Most of the faults are known to Volkswagen and their dealers, so why can't they have sorted them out on the production line?

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Review Date: 14th March, 2004

2003 Volkswagen Golf GLS 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


Hybrid like economy with twice the style for half the price


The car will not start sometimes.

Driver rear tail light has already burnt out.

Very rough starts in any weather below ten degrees Celsius.

My 65 hp Ford compact was faster.

General Comments:

Though I did not buy this car for performance, it does pull very well in and out of traffic between 2100 rpm and 3300rpm.

That being said, I will have to agree with most other Volkswagen owners and say that this car does not only get hybrid like fuel economy, but also has a very high quality interior. Unlike most American automobile interiors, you have to look carefully to find the actual plastic and the fine touches really make me a happy owner. If you have a Mark 5 golf (i believe it's a mark five, 1999-2004) look at the seat belt loops and you will notice actual aluminum trim and real leather where the steering column meets with the dash board.

Other things that I am not only impressed by, but also take for granted is, for one, the art work of the head lamp and the excellent braking system. Not to mention the already very impressive sound system though a good 12 inch sub-woofer and a 400 watt RMS amp as a addition just perfects the car.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2004

18th Jul 2004, 16:49

Your Golf is a MK4 1998-2003 (In Europe)

2003 Volkswagen Golf GT TDI PD 130 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Rapid diesel rattle wagon


Veered to the left when new.

Rattle from parcel shelf. Found to be a snapped bracket.

Handbrake number due to be installed three due to rattles.

Still rattles from the dashboard.

Central arm rest fell to bits. Threaded screw.

Told me it needed a service after 200 miles.

Intermittently tells me it needs a service.

Wheels starting to tarnish after just 8000 miles. Despite weekly cleaning.

General Comments:

VW seem to be resting on their laurels in terms of build quality. The materials used to build the interior are of a suitably high Germanic quality. Sadly they're thrown together in a hap hazard fashion that results in numerous rattles and bits and pieces falling off. Despite that...

I still love this car to drive. The 1.9 diesel delivers torque (and rapid acceleration) in abundance. Overtaking on A & B roads is a doddle. Six speed gearbox is slick.

You won't find the handling excites like a little sports car, but you'll glide through the corners in safety, comfort and most of all - rapidly.

Fuel economy is at worst 40mpg. At best 60mpg. Most normal journeys will see 50mpg. Best was 560 miles on a tank of diesel. Very frugal.

I have the 3 door, so rear leg room isn't its strong point. Ample boot.

My car is an import, but despite this dealers are keen to resolve problems.

Dealers are helpful and courteous. Sadly, they are generally the cause of most of my car's problems. Of the seven visits its had, five have been the car going back to fix the shoddy work of the previous visit. With any luck visit number eight will solve the rattles and I'll be left with the rapid diesel that doesn't rattle.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2004