10th May 2001, 08:56

I bought my 1.4 cl '93 about 2 weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. Having owned an Ibiza 1.5 glx I find the golf more than matches it for pace and I don not find it under-powered at all. Strangely for a golf mk3 there is a little bit of rust on the boot.

24th Aug 2001, 09:36

1994 'Golf Match' 1.4L (unleaded petrol), 42,000 miles.

This limited edition to the Volkswagen range unfortunately is, in my opinion, poor in terms of performance. My 'Golf Match' runs lumpy, jerky, occasionally misfires inspite of regular Volkswagen services to find a fault. This symptom is predominately when decelerating. Dealers say it's "a lean-burn engine" and it's normal! Have any other VW 'Golf' drivers experienced this problem? The only other fault to date, the clutch needed replacing after 21,000 miles.

28th Aug 2001, 08:51

It's the Golf SE owner, from above, again. I can't say I have had problems with lumpy running of the engine, though just as the car was due to go in for its 40,000 (36,000 miles in fact) service it started to run a little rough, and did splutter on rare occasions at motorway speeds, and previous to this while accelerating.

Now I have a front engine mount needs replacing. I am currently considering an alternative mode of transport, since even the almighty VW don't seem to be able to build cars to last these days!

23rd Jan 2002, 11:14

Golf SE owner returns. Over 12months of ownership, and pretty happy with the car, something of a rarity for me, I'm very fussy! Anyway, the engine mount cost £60 in total, and fixed the problem though the old one wasn't broken it may well have been loose. Since that though I have not had any problems. Through the freezing weather we've had this winter the car ran without any trouble. Can't beat it. Looks good, drives decently, and best of all dependable, more than can be said for the Vauxhalls, Citroens and Rovers I've owned!

26th Jan 2002, 16:01

A quick word about rusty tailgates. Apparently due to the aerodynamics of the golfs, all water and dirt is 'sucked' onto the tailgate which without regular cleaning causes rusting, mainly behind the no. plate and the light rail for the plate. I've had my mk3 1.4cl for 5 years now and at 92000 miles its a bit noisy but never lets me down. Any ideas on getting more power?

29th Mar 2006, 02:54

I have recently bought a VW Golf 1.8 litre. Apparently the same engine that goes in the GTI. It's a 1994 model (L plate), and so far the following problems have occurred.

1) Driver's seat has broken, so if I turn sharply, the seat lifts from the floor panel (very dangerous).

2) When I touch the brake pedal, the indicators stop indicating.

3) It constantly over heats quickly in traffic, even on wet days, though the fan does come on. Any suggestions?

5th Jun 2007, 14:31

Bought a golf CL in 1994. Still have it. After 134,000 miles going as strong as ever. Never once let me down.